Choosing the Right Digital Commerce Agency in 2023

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Digital commerce agency is a professional service firm that provides expert e-commerce solutions such as website design, digital marketing, payment processing, and customer support to help businesses maximise online sales and profits.

The world of e-commerce is constantly evolving and as a business owner, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. With the increasing competition in the digital marketplace, finding the right agency has become crucial. A good agency can help you to drive sales, improve your online presence, and make the most of your e-commerce efforts.

In this article, we will guide you through the key factors to consider when choosing the right agency in 2023. From understanding your business needs to evaluate your experience and expertise, we’ll help you make an informed decision to take your digital commerce business to the next level.


Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Digital Commerce Agency


When choosing the right agency, there are several key factors to consider:


  • Relevant Experience and Track Record

When choosing the right agency, it is crucial to look for an agency that has a proven track record of delivering successful e-commerce solutions for clients in your industry. You should also look for an agency that has relevant experience with your type of e-commerce platform, so they can provide expert guidance and support.


  • Customer Journey Expertise

A good agency should have an in-depth understanding of the customer journey and be able to design and develop an e-commerce solution that provides an exceptional customer experience. This includes designing a user-friendly interface, optimising the checkout process, and providing a seamless mobile experience.


  • Digital Trends and Insights

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, it’s essential to work with an agency that stays ahead of the latest digital trends and has a strategic understanding of how these trends can impact your business. A good agency should provide insights and advice on how to best capitalise on these trends and stay ahead of your competition.


  • Data and Analytics Focus

Data and analytics play a crucial role in understanding and improving the performance of your e-commerce store. A good agency should have a strong focus on data and analytics and be able to provide actionable insights and reports to help improve customer experience and performance. This includes tracking key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, and customer engagement.


  • Flexibility and Scalability

As your business grows and evolves, you need an e-commerce solution that can grow and evolve with you. A good agency should provide a flexible and scalable solution that can accommodate your changing needs and provide a long-term e-commerce solution for your business.


  • Strong Communication and Collaboration

Choosing an agency is a long-term partnership, and it’s essential to work with an agency that values open and frequent communication. You should choose an agency that is responsive to your needs and provides regular updates and progress reports to ensure that the project stays on track.


  • Industry Reputation

A good agency should have a positive reputation in the industry and a history of delivering results for their clients. You can research the agency online, read reviews from previous clients, and ask for references to get a better understanding of their reputation and track record. A positive reputation is a good indicator of the agency’s ability to deliver high-quality work and provide exceptional customer service.


  • Case Studies and Testimonials

Review the agency’s portfolio and case studies to see if their work aligns with your goals and expectations. Read testimonials from previous clients to see how they felt about working with the agency and the results they achieved. This information can help you get a better understanding of the agency’s strengths and capabilities and help you make an informed decision.


  • Industry Awards and Recognition

Look for an agency that has received industry awards or recognition for its work. This is a good indicator that the agency is highly regarded by its peers and industry experts and that they are dedicated to delivering high-quality work.


  • Long-term Relationships with Clients

Choose an agency that has established long-term relationships with its clients. This is a good indicator that their clients are satisfied with their work and that the agency is able to provide a long-term e-commerce solution for their clients.


  • Professionalism and Integrity

Choose an agency that has a professional and transparent approach to its work and that operates with integrity. This includes transparent pricing, open communication, and a commitment to delivering the best possible solution for their clients.


Benefits of Working With a Digital Commerce Agency


Working with the right agency can bring many benefits to a business, including:


  • Improved Customer Experience

Digital commerce agencies can help businesses improve the customer experience on their e-commerce websites by using data, user experience research, and design best practices.


  • Increased Revenue

By optimising their e-commerce presence, businesses can increase their online sales and revenue.


  • Marketing Support

E-commerce agencies often offer marketing services such as SEO, PPC, and email marketing to help businesses reach more customers and drive sales.


  • Access to Latest Trends and Techniques

E-commerce agencies keep up with the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing, providing businesses with innovative and effective strategies to reach their target audience.


  • Reliable and Accountable Service

E-commerce agencies are professional service providers, offering reliable and accountable services to ensure the success of their clients’ digital marketing efforts.


  • Improved Connections with Retailers

Digital commerce agencies have established relationships with retailers, which can help businesses to increase their reach and exposure in the online marketplace.


  • Access to Analytics and Data

Digital commerce agencies have access to advanced analytics and data tools, which allow them to monitor and evaluate the performance of digital marketing campaigns, providing valuable insights for businesses to make data-driven decisions.


  • Unified Marketing Approaches

Digital commerce agencies provide businesses with a unified approach to digital marketing, combining various strategies and techniques to reach the target audience effectively.


  • Technology and Platform Selection

Agencies can help businesses choose the right technology and platforms for their e-commerce operations, taking into account their unique needs and goals.


  • Expertise and Resources

Digital commerce agencies have the expertise and resources to help businesses navigate the complex world of digital marketing, providing them with the support they need to reach their full potential.


  • Cost-Effective

Working with a good agency can often be more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team, as agencies have economies of scale and access to resources that businesses may not have.


Core Metrics That Agencies Should Take to Prepare for Digital Commerce Growth


To prepare for digital commerce growth, agencies should focus on tracking and analysing the following core metrics:


  • Traffic

Measure the number of visitors to the e-commerce website, and track the sources of that traffic (e.g. organic search, referral, paid to advertise, etc.).


  • Conversion Rate

Track the percentage of visitors who make a purchase on the website, and identify areas for improvement.


  • Average Order Value (AOV)

Monitor the average value of an order on the e-commerce site, and identify opportunities to increase it.


  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Calculate the estimated value a customer will bring to the business over their lifetime, and use this information to inform investment and growth strategies.


  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Track the return on investment from paid advertising campaigns, and optimise campaigns to maximise ROAD.


  • Cart Abandonment Rate

Measure the percentage of customers who add items to their cart but do not complete the purchase, and identify reasons for abandonment to address in future optimization efforts.


  • Product Performance

Monitor the sales performance of individual products, and use this information to inform product development and merchandising decisions.


  • Customer Satisfaction

By tracking customer satisfaction, agencies can identify areas for improvement and make changes to the customer experience to increase customer loyalty and repeat business.


By tracking these core metrics, agencies can gain valuable insights into the performance of their e-commerce operations and make data-driven decisions to drive growth. By regularly monitoring and analysing these key performance indicators, agencies can stay ahead of trends and continuously improve their digital commerce strategy.


Top 10 Digital Commerce Agencies in 2023



  • Sekel Tech Digital Commerce Agency #1 

Sekel Tech is a digital commerce agency specialising in providing reliable and innovative solutions for brands. We help businesses establish and manage their online presence, including setting up e-commerce websites, optimising their products for search engines, and providing strategies for increasing sales and revenue. We offer a range of services designed to support the growth and success of e-commerce businesses. Sekel Tech has a strong team of experienced professionals that work together to provide the best quality work.


  • Upgrow – Digital Commerce Agency #2 

Upgrow is an ROI-driven digital marketing agency that offers complete A-to-Z e-commerce marketing coverage and optimization services. Their services include designing, creating, optimising, and promoting your e-commerce business. As an agency, they are experts in generalist services. Highly customised conversion-optimised web design and complete digital marketing solutions are created by Upgrow in collaboration with their clients. They help brands reimagine how they reach, communicate with, and engage with their customers.


  • Nuanced Media Digital Commerce Agency #3

Nuanced Media is a multi-channel eCommerce marketing agency that provides businesses with a comprehensive range of services related to eCommerce and Amazon. They offer a comprehensive range of services related to eCommerce. As well as seasoned marketers and copywriters, you will also have access to consultants, strategists, designers, developers, educators, and innovators. As a result, you will be able to give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed.


  • Digital Silk Digital Commerce Agency #4

Digital Silk is a creative digital agency that specialises in everything from brand strategies to the creation of custom websites and applications. The company provides specialised digital marketing services, eCommerce design and development, as well as software and app design and development. They offer a variety of services including digital strategies and branding, web design and app development, digital marketing, custom software development, eCommerce development, Shopify websites, enterprise resource planning, and B2B lead generation. 


  • Inflow 2023 Digital Commerce Agency #5

Inflow is a digital eCommerce marketing agency that develops successful SEO, PPC, and CRO strategies for eCommerce brands around the world. Inflow focuses exclusively on marketing and advertising rather than providing A-to-Z support in several areas – design, optimization, and promotion. They provide SEO, PPC, paid social, and conversion rate optimization services. A unique characteristic of Inflow is that clients work directly with industry veterans instead of account managers. 


  • Mayple – Digital Commerce Agency #6

Mayple is a leading digital marketing agency that specialises in assisting online businesses in scaling up their operations. They provide a completely transparent experience with live dashboards, onboarding tools, and a built-in monitoring system, allowing you to ensure that your eCommerce marketing efforts are effective. A variety of services are available, including matching clients with an expert, helping you identify and set business goals, developing a marketing strategy with your assigned expert, and a dashboard to provide you with an overview of everything.


  • Inspire Visibility – Digital Commerce Agency #7

Inspire Visibility is a premier online marketing agency whose sole goal is to provide the highest level of customer service in the industry. They provide tailored solutions tailored to meet the unique business objectives of both large and small businesses. Every service they provide is forecasted using proprietary software called the Forecaster Method. 


  • Agency Partner Interactive – Digital Commerce Agency #8

Agency Partner Interactive is an eCommerce agency that helps clients achieve their goals by leveraging technology and marketing solutions that generate revenue and increase profits. A wide range of web design, web development, branding, eCommerce, and marketing services are available through Agency Partner Interactive, ranging from search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising to WordPress and Magento. 


  • Disruptive Advertising – Digital Commerce Agency #9

Disruptive Advertising is an award-winning eCommerce agency that focuses on client growth, employee growth, and company growth. Their goal is to get to know their client’s businesses and their business goals, then use that information to develop a unique marketing strategy. In order to drive high-quality traffic to your website, Disruptive uses a four-step process. They begin with PPC management, where they manage your paid ads.


  •  Juice – Digital Commerce Agency #10

Juice is an industry-leading digital marketing agency focused on maximising return on investment. These strategies have helped their clients achieve success in user acquisition, eCommerce, and lead generation campaigns. Their primary objective is to increase the revenue and profitability of your business. Its core competencies include results-driven growth strategy development, social advertising, search engine marketing, organic search ranking, and lead generation. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Is a Digital Agency a Good Business?

    Yes, it can be a good business as the demand for digital marketing services is high, especially in today’s digital age.


  • How Profitable is a Digital Agency?

    Digital agencies can be highly profitable if they offer in-demand services, manage their expenses efficiently, and have a strong client base.


  • What is a Digital Strategy Agency?

    A digital strategy agency helps businesses develop a comprehensive plan for their digital marketing efforts, including website design and development, social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO.


  • Are Digital Agencies Worth It?

    Yes, digital agencies can be worth it for businesses that need help with their digital marketing efforts, especially if they lack the necessary expertise or resources in-house.


  • How to Become a Successful Digital Agency?

    To become a successful digital agency, businesses need to offer high-quality services, build a strong brand and reputation, stay up-to-date with industry trends and technology, and develop strong relationships with clients.



In conclusion, choosing the right agency in 2023 is crucial for the success of your online business. It is important to consider factors such as experience, expertise, services offered, case studies, and client feedback. Take the time to research and compare different agencies, and make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals and needs. A good agency can help you streamline your online sales processes, increase your customer base, and drive revenue growth.

Take Advantage of Sekel Tech Digital Commerce Agency


Sekel Tech specializes in providing digital commerce solutions to businesses of all sizes. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, Sekel Tech is well-equipped to help businesses achieve their online sales goals. The agency offers a wide range of services, including e-commerce website design and development, digital marketing, hyperlocal marketing, location-based marketing, and payment processing solutions. Our team of experts is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping our clients succeed in the fast-paced world of digital commerce.

By choosing Sekel Tech, businesses can take advantage of our expertise and experience to streamline their sales processes, increase their customer base, and drive revenue growth. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your online sales to the next level, Sekel Tech is an excellent choice for a digital commerce partner.