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Why is there a need to build up a sustainable digital infrastructure for brands?

Brands with a digital presence emerged at the top when it came to leveraging their situation in business during the pandemic. The way business is done today showcases an extremely dynamic and ultra-competitive landscape. Traditional businesses without a digital presence got relegated to the sides and lost out to those with a digital presence.

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How SaaS is Changing The Paradigm For Retail Businesses

The Indian retail sector is experiencing one of the fastest growth stories globally, as it explores new-age retail with developments that offer a unified buying experience to customers. Thanks to the spread of the internet and developing technologies, these developments in the retail space are reaching Tier-II and Tier-III cities and not just restricted to […]

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Hyperlocal digital marketing – Paving the way for global marketing success

The emergence of the mobile phone as a powerful tool has also made the nearby search option its most used feature. From finding chemists to clothes and restaurants to real estate, individuals are using technology in comparing local options and decision-making. It has ensured a connection with the new-gen audience for commerce.

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Data fabric offering a robust solution to data management challenges

By integrating data across platforms and users, data fabric ensures that data is available everywhere when needed. Unobstructed by the variety of applications, platforms, and locations that store data, data fabric makes frictionless access and data sharing in a distributed environment simple.

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Sekel Tech’s Rakesh Raghuvanshi on building trust online with hyperlocal engagements

Rakesh Raghuvanshi, Founder and CEO of Sekel Tech, in an exclusive interaction, speaks about how B2C consumer engagements have evolved in the Indian marketing context and how brands need to leverage these consumer intelligence platforms to enhance the customer-brand engagement to deliver a superior experience. He highlights how AI and Machine Learning are driving the […]

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How brands should be prepared for a ‘cookie less’ world

The use of third-party cookies to build a brand’s digital customer acquisition program will no longer be possible in a cookie-less world. This will result in increased spending as Data Management Platforms will be not allowed as they have second and third-party data.

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