The best answer to this question is a question itself: Why is Google giving all this free of cost?

Well, because it desires to enrich customers searching for transactional queries.

Let us explain further. Consider, the query 'price of all-white Nike running shoes.' Who do you think will win this query (Please do the search on your phone for this query and notice the result for yourself.)

What is the probability of this search resulting in a purchase? What if the customer is a woman and wants to buy the shoes now and wear them today? What would her search query be? In all probability, "all-white Nike women's running shoes near me." Right? (Please search the result for yourself and notice what you see.)

For the following reason, you should control the above information in your brand domain which Google wants you to share with them in their area, such as GMB + free store site + catalogue/inventory. (Just like Nike did by moving away from Amazon)

  • Own the first-party data and generate the same every day across all your stores.
  • Win in local search. Today, more and more people are searching on their mobile phones and with mobile locations given. No wonder Google has announced that by September 2020, it is ultimately moving to mobile-first indexing. It has started throwing local packs (GMB listings) on top of the search for many product and service search queries to push brands, and retailers to share their data, moving these search queries from online distributors or selling platforms back to brands back. Because these transactional searches result in sales, this is an excellent way to show attribution.
  • Be in control of the brand narrative and prices across all your sales channels and avoid price distortions and fakes.
  • Reduce your cost per new customer acquisition by driving organic engagement.