Mobile SEO is all about optimising your website for mobile viewers. The mobile version of your website will only be ranked higher if a person can easily access the various elements of your site. Users generally reward soted with their clicks if it satisfies their search queries in the best possible manner. If not, they will return to the search results and choose another business that has thought about mobile SEO. Therefore, it is now even more imperative for businesses, big or small, to adapt to mobile use and place user experience on a mobile device as a priority in the development of their website. The following are the key elements to keep in mind while building a mobile version of your website.

The User Experience:
The ability to navigate with just a thumb while searching for information is a must.

The image and video loading factor on a mobile is a critical factor for a ranking which Google always reminds the website owners to improve.

Bidirectional Conversation:
This is another key ranking factor. It applies to any site that allows customers to share their experiences of doing business on it in order to help other customers make buying decisions.

Engagement Buttons:
Mobile sites having click-to-call, click-to-purchase and other buttons that facilitate business engagement. They are rewarded with customers.