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Sekel Tech Partner Benefits

Expand your Reach : Partner with the Hyperlocal Marketing pioneers!

Elevate your agency’s success by reselling our pioneering Hyperlocal Marketing services. Join our Partner Program for smart hyperlocal and new revenue streams.

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Why Sekel Tech ?

Bridging the Gap: Redefining Retailer Engagement in the Digital Age

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Brands' Own Asset:

You help brands in websites, apps, landing pages, Google business profiles and other digital assets.

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Third-Party Platform

You help Brands in Search, Social & Commerce and their presence through third party platforms.

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Physical Stores

What are you doing for Retailers ?

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Have you thought about Retailers ?? Think Beyond!

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Connecting these 3 Dots : Amplifying Retail Success

Sekel Tech offers Innovative solutions that go beyond, addressing retailers’ needs, and providing a
holistic approach to sustainable digital success.

Accelerate your Agency’s growth with Sekel Tech Partner Program
Enjoy profitable sharing, support, and co-marketing for agency success.

Profitable Revenue Sharing

Boost earnings with our revenue-sharing program. Simplify with one license for our all-in-one platform, increasing customer loyalty.

Expand Your Portfolio

Gain a competitive edge by integrating our hyperlocal marketing suite with your existing services.

Dedicated Partner Support

Access platform onboarding training and collateral support to strengthen your market authority.

Wider Market Reach

Gain exclusive access to potential clients through our partner directory, boosting revenue opportunities.

Client Success Enablement

Empower your clients to accelerate growth with hands-on education on retention metrics and collective offerings.

Co-Marketing Opportunities

Collaborate on events, blog posts, and white papers to enhance brand awareness and educate clients.

What We Pioneer in

Discovery, Customer Data, Demand Generation

Discovery in Digital Space

Sekel Tech's Discovery Platform forms authentic online visibility, boosts footfall and establishes trust and authority in your category’s digital space.

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Unified Data Platform

Seamlessly access, consolidate, and deploy data from your existing systems to supercharge discovery and engagement and get a single view of the end customer across all your digital assets.

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Demand Generation - Hyperlocal Empowerment

Revolutionize your local Demand Generation strategy with Sekel Tech's Hyperlocal Dynamic Engagement Commerce Platform, boosting customer engagement and ROAS.

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Trust and Compliance

Our Commitment to DPDP and GDPR Act Standards

Sekel Tech’s robust compliance measures ensure that your clients’ data is protected, giving you peace of mind as you grow your agency


Committed to User Privacy

From initial data collection to storage and sharing, our platform implements industry-leading security measures, ensuring data protection at every step.

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GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance and Assurance

Sekel Tech ensures GDPR compliance, transparent opt-out options, robust security measures, and trusted third-party processors for your data privacy confidence.

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How Much Time Does It Take to Become a Partner?

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