The biggest challenge brands face in today’s changing consumer journey is discoverability when it matters the most. 90% of sales still happening through offline retail outlets and channel sales partners, so discoverability is entirely dominated by online Yellow Pages or online sales aggregators. We at Sekel Tech have developed BOT-powered plug-and-play SaaS products that help brands fix their discoverability problem and builds a foolproof attribution to sales at the store level.

smart store locator

Our Smart Store Locator allows brands to gain search results over and above Yellow Pages and online sales aggregators. Now, brands can win in the search for all branded- and category-level searches in 'near me' and 'location-specific' searches organically.

Smart Catalogue

Queries demand freshness, and all search engines reward digital assets by pushing their ranks on top of pages with assets that share the latest transactional information at the store level. Our Smart Store Locator picks up EPOS data through API and generates pages on the fly, making information regarding product inventory and local offers and deals available. These live transactional details are made available to customers searching for information on their mobile for a local store purchase. Our Smart Catalogue offers Product, Product + Price, and Product + Price + Location searches across all your offline stores (including exclusive brand outlets, multibrand outlets, or any other physical stores selling your products) and drives online traffic organically.

online reputation management dashboard

More than 70% of customers look at the store's product reviews and ratings before making a purchase decision. Expertise, empathy, commitment, and transparency, these are the four most critical components of building an online reputation management strategy. All these are relevant in the context of time. Speed is of the essence. Your deeds must match your words, and the communication channel and distribution play a vital role in achieving this because what’s local can soon become a global crisis if not managed on time. What you need to keep your ear to the ground for the last mile. How do your channel partners represent you? Do they demonstrate you are 'the expert' in the domain? What’s the point of being an expert when you can't empathise with those who need help? In today’s new consumer journey, you need the ability to connect across all sales channels, to read last mile/stores/dealers/multibrand outlets, to connect online and build bidirectional communication flow and ability, to respond instantly and help customers have a great experience. We at Sekel Tech believe the key to online success is to matching warmth with competence. People want to like you and trust you. They will respond to you more positively the more likeable, amiable, and you aware you are of how people percieve you. ML and AI can help you achieve this by reading engagement in a fraction of time and suggesting an appropriate response that has empathy transparency. We at Sekel Tech are helping our customers achieve this in real time through our bot-driven SaaS dashboard. Our dashboard empowers a brand to respond to all the reviews and ratings in digital assets across all time zones and languages (Search, Social, Local) from one place in real time from one location.