Our product-solving brand communication consistency

Brands across the globe spend billions of dollars to build brand imagery and consistency. High brand awareness is created through a multi-million dollar advertising campaign that results in a massive surge in local searches. However, all store-level searches(read: walk-ins) are harvested by local Yellow Pages and online sales aggregators. You end up paying twice for your own point.

Store-level fully interactive Microsite

Our ML and AI powered dashboard allows our customers to have full control over the ever changing digital landscape across all locations and stores. You can now monitor the keywords trending in your category and keep an eye on all your competitors’ digital activities and strategies, staying ahead of the digital curve. It ttailors your content to deliver higher conversions through its Fast & Frugal Content Containers. The Dashboard allows sales partners and store owners to update local content and offers through simple SMS or WhatsApp messages resulting in pre-approved branded communications.

Bot-powered Bi-Directional Content Distribution & Management Dashboard

Welcome to Sekel Tech's powered bot-driven and fully functional microsites, which span across all your physical/offline sales channels and build brand trust. It is like gifting every sales partner with his or her very own store website and a digital, branded glow signboard. A microsite generates pages on the fly to update inventory, brand-driven content, store-driven local content and user-generated content. Each microsite is built automatically by pulling and pushing content through file transfer platform. Every microsite built for local store. Content can be turned on in the local/regional language, and prices are shown in the local currency on the product pages. Also there are unique, store-level offers and deals. (You can have unlimited product pages.) Each store-level, fully interactive microsite lists driving directions as well as store and product-level reviews and ratings within the brand’s subdomain. This builds domain authority so that the site will too local-level search results even in nearby locations for greater visibility, not just in GMB listings areas.