Our products solve Real-Time measurement of Sales Attributions

The biggest challenge for marketers in this ever changing digital environment is building a clear and unambiguous attribution of online impact on sales at offline stores. What you cannot measure, you cannot improve. Yes, we help brands get complete attribution from online to offline sales. Welcome to GDPR-compliant online-to-offline tracking tools. Our platform's new e-receipt is GDPR-compliant, so it will not push products or advertisements. The same is not true for e-receipts issued by other platforms. For example, Mothercare, Schuh, Halfords, and Gap contain promotional marketing, 'indicating that the retailers may be breaking data protection rules'. Brands cannot share promotional content with new customers who have just signed in.

First Party Organic Real-Time Call, Form, and Drive Direction Leads

Tracker Dashboard: Our integrated IVR, unique to each store, is capable of capturing every call made to the establishment. Even if you only have one phone and are already speaking to a customer, do not worry because you will never miss out on any waiting customer. With our IVR, you get an integrated dashboard with real-time leads by city, store and location as well as calls picked up, calls unanswered and missed call alerts to businesses through WhatsApp, SMS, and email. Form leads mapped through our platform are also shared at the store, city, region, and country level. Ability to respond in local language and allow regional language form leads too. Our platform generates thousands of pages on the fly with click to call buttons, which is far more than just any other IVR which is only on GMB + Single page listing number, thus resulting in many more organic First-Party Data lead.


Our e-receipt comes with a built-in repurchase model made available at every store. Because we believe repurchase anchor points built into the business are a must to grow beyond a certain point, customer acquisition cost will override the revenue. Brand's ability to curate, generate and publish a positive online reputation is no longer optional. Our e-receipt helps customers get a green receipt, warranty assurance and a quick sales return because it captures, your date/time/place/product/service purchased and your sales agent information. Successful online reputation management (ORM) and organic discovery are driving potential customers by coordinating content, store website, and search engine result pages; more than 90% of customers consider user-generated content before purchasing from a local store. Today, consumers are influenced by what they read online. Thus, it makes it necessary to ensure positive content ranks higher for your name or brand keywords. It is a positive experience when you start being organically featured higher in the generic search in your category.
With our e-receipt you get real-time analytics for the following:
EPOS integration through FTP
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Ordered/Received Analysis
  • General Business Analysis
  • Physical Inventory Reconciliation
  • Contact Reports
  • Payable Reports
  • Ageing Reports
  • Advanced Point of Sale Reporting, Analysis and Auditing
  • Advanced Employee Reporting, Analysis and Auditing
  • Advanced Customer Reporting and Analysis
  • Advanced Transfer Reporting, Analysis and Auditing
  • Advanced Inventory Reporting and Analysis
  • Advanced Purchase Order Reporting and Analysis
  • Advanced Receiving Reporting and Analysis
  • Advanced Return Authorisation Reporting and Analysis