Exclusive Outlets

Expand Your Fashion Brand's Reach and Profitability

Sekel Tech enhances the visibility and profitability of exclusive outlets by optimising their online presence. From managing accurate listings to boosting customer engagement through tailored marketing strategies, Sekel Tech ensures that these outlets attract and retain loyal customers effectively.


Build Customer Engagement with Brand Consistency

Sekel Tech empowers enterprise users to seamlessly manage web content, online reputation, local listings, and review management across all brand locations. This comprehensive approach fosters exponential business growth, enhances brand awareness, and boosts visibility across multiple locations.


Localisation For Every Business Location

Establish a strong local presence across various locations through targeted communication channels, effectively engaging with specific local communities. Our marketing platform simplifies and streamlines enterprise users' local marketing strategies, offering an all-in-one solution to manage localisation and optimise performance across diverse markets.


Scale Your Hyperlocal Marketing

Scalable Workflow

Use a fully customised marketing platform to meet your needs, with adjustable manager permissions settings, customisable email notifications, and a streamlined approval process.

Integrated Reporting

Effective marketing strategies help you to present the success of your marketing efforts on a regional or national scale.

High Adoption

Now available on mobile, with the same performance and ease of use. Increase local-level adoption with push notifications.

Professional Services

Engage the potential customer through sharing location-specific content like listings, offers, inventory, deals, and contactless ordering experiences to drive exponential growth at multi-location.

Performance Management Systems

Measure marketing performance to boost your traffic and engagement. Hyperlocal marketing performance encourages your customers to engage in and connect with the experiences you create as an enterprise and local users. 


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