Why Spray and pray for success

Welcome to Sekel Tech’s Robotic process automation in marketing that is impacting sales positively.

It connects siloed data & allows marketing to make an informed Creative & Strategic decision with a holistic picture in one place.


These are the three challenges and problems that we are solving

THE GROWING IMPORTANCE OF Organic Discoverability

The ratio of digital costs to conversions is increasing quarter after quarter, which is forcing brands to focus on organic discoverability to bring down the overall ratio of costs to conversions.

Brand Image Consistency @ Last Mile

Brands have come to learn that it’s equally essential to maintain digital communications at the store level to build trust at last mile.

Online To Offline SALES Attribution

With customers' ever changing behaviour, it is becoming increasingly crucial for marketers to get a clear indication of which online content is delivering sales. The desire now is that attributions do the same.


Our solutions are designed to solve these challenges.


Brand communication consistency @ last mile

Online to Offline Sales Attributions


Our product performance guarantees:

3X growth in store locator traffic

2X more organic calls to the stores

Ability to track online impact on offline sales


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