Sekel Tech is going beyond!  Something new is coming soon. 🎉
Sekel Tech is going beyond!  Something new is coming soon. 🎉
Sekel Tech is going beyond!  Something new is coming soon. 🎉

Cost-Effective Retail Optimization Platform

Revolutionise Sales Success

with Sekel Tech

Witness a quantum leap in lead quality, conversion rates, and dealer
satisfaction. Experience the Sekel Tech difference in your sales strategy.

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If More Than85% Of Your Total Sales Revenue Originates From Physical Stores,

It Is Imperative To Implement A Hyperlocal Marketing Tech Stack

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Mastering Hyperlocal Digital Success

Harnessing the Power of the Three Ds

The core of hyperlocal digital works on a three-D model for delivering
high-quality leads that drive conversions.

three d imgthree d img

Data Platform (CDP)

  • three d img

    Data Integration

  • three d img


  • three d img

    Data Activation

  • three d img

    Role based Access

  • three d img

    Cloud-based Infrastructure

  • three d img

    Security & Compliance

three d imgthree d img

Discovery Platform

  • three d img

    Listing Management

  • three d img

    Store Locator

  • three d img

    Store Microsites

  • three d img

    Product Catalogue

  • three d img

    Review Management

  • three d img

    Content Optimisation

three d img

Demand Generation

  • three d img

    Digital Campaign

  • three d img

    Customer Relation Management

  • three d img

    SellrApp : Real-Time Sales Power

  • three d img

    Real Time Conversion Analytics

  • three d img


  • three d img

    Intelligent Response System

  • three d img

    Store2Door Omni Commerce

Optimizing Lead Conversion for Customer-Dealer Success

At Sekel Tech, we tackle a common issue,
customers struggling to reach dealers and dealers complaining low-quality leads.
This miscommunication damages brand image and results in missed sales.

Other Way


Static Approach

Static hyperlocal landing pages come with the inherent disadvantage of data accuracy.


Frustrated Dealers

Data inaccuracy transpires into wrong query of the lead and is the key source of dealer frustration


Low Quality leads ~ Less Conversions

Low quality of lead transpires to low engagement and dissatisfied customers hence leading to negative reviews. Which impacts business revenue and credibility

Sekel Way


Instantly Dynamic

Dynamic hyperlocal landing pages offer the advantage of data accuracy.


Dealer Satisfaction

Data accuracy ensures that leads are correctly queried and serves as a crucial source of dealer satisfaction.


Superior Leads ~ Better Conversions

Superior leads result in increased engagement and satisfied customers, ultimately enhancing business revenue and credibility while garnering positive reviews and building trust and loyalty.

Sekel Tech isn’t just about leads; it’s about turning enquiries into sales, enhancing
brand reputation and boosting profitability.

Creating a Better Retail Experience

Boosting revenue performance with the expertise of the interdisciplinary nature
of retail. Customised solutions depend upon the classification of your store.

Why Brands 💛 us?

Our Dynamic Hyperlocal Marketing Platform

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, our platform serves as a compelling magnet for brands, creating an unparalleled surge in visibility and foot traffic across all your stores and increasing online traffic across search, social, and digital platforms.

Sekel Tech provides a comprehensive data platform designed to streamline your operations. Our platform offers integrated features for seamless data discovery, demand generation, engagement modules, closed-loop lead management support for dealers, and sales teams.

Our Features

Powerful Features that Continuously Enhance Your Data for Improved Lead
Quality and Higher Sales Conversions


Gain visibility, make informed decisions, and optimize strategies for exceptional customer service using real-time data insights.

Unlock the Power of Your Retail Business with Our Unified Data Platform.

Accurate & real-time product listings, connecting businesses with local customers.

Effortlessly organize and showcase your products, providing a visually appealing and personalized shopping experience.


To be able to capture traffic from non-branded 'near me' keyword searches and get consumer data which can be used for zero-cost retargeting.

Engage local customers, drive organic traffic, and boost brand visibility through targeted hyperlocal marketing strategies, unlocking local growth.

Make it easy for your consumers to buy from your 'nearest' brand store,  while tracking and influencing their O2O journey positively.

These small, interconnected websites, linked to a brand's subdomain and store locator, create organic discovery, foot traffic, call leads, and sales.


Deliver personalised online ads, and boost ROI for elevated hyperlocal marketing efforts.

Deliver exceptional customer experiences, engage customers, personalise interactions, & streamline dynamic hyperlocal marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Convenient browsing, purchasing, and doorstep delivery enhance your retail experience, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

Boost sales and engagement with seamless communication, interactive features, and convenient customer service options.

Plug & Play - Go Live Now!

Harness the Power of 3D!

Globally go local with future-ready platform.
Gain a comprehensive real time perspective on organisations, retail outlets,
products, and end customers with our single view.

Integrate Data

Access, consolidate, and deploy data from your existing systems to drive discovery and engagement. Our solution boosts content freshness and user experience, ultimately leading to increased conversions and sales

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Dominate Discovery

Digitizing last mile for optimized discovery to delivery path.

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Accelerated Demand Generation

Unlock real-time engagement and insights through our platform, empowering you to dynamically manage, precisely measure, and effectively execute your sales and marketing strategy.

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Our Approach

Optimise Your Retail Store and Ascend to a Higher Level

Sekel focuses on improving the digital user experience to boost physical stores’ success, driving significant sales growth.

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