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About Us

Revolutionising Retail Tech with Sekel Tech

Designed to help retail businesses, Sekel Tech platform helps manage brands'
online presence, store orders, and consumers' online to offline journey.

Our Story

Omni-Channel Commerce for Retail Brands

Started in 2016 with a vision for improved Omni-channel Commerce for Retail brands. We had many firsts in the industry like System Driven URLs for immediate page generation. We have gained expertise in building additional, sustainable, organic traffic over time with consistency of information across first-party and third-party personas.

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First ones to offer structured NAP data.

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Over 27,000+ Businesses that trust us

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Pioneer and Leader of 360 Hyperlocal

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Our Mission

Unify to amplify

To enable retail stores by providing multi-location retail brands to effortlessly construct integrated online-to-offline consumer journeys across platforms. To influence millions of consumers in buying mode from the convenience of a single platform, businesses now have the control and ability to influence consumers with rich, dynamic content that they deem most appropriate for each location and content

One Platform. Unlimited Possibilities.

Sekel Tech’s all-in-one software helps multi-location businesses unlock their full potential with one centralised tool.

Sekel Tech enables brands to increase visibility and enrich location data across the local search ecosystem. Our powerful suite of local marketing tools provides users with a comprehensive view of their performance. Our local SEO and reputation management components are designed to help brands make a lasting impression and reach new customers.


Our Vision

One-click commerce

To establish a transparent and long-lasting ecosystem for brands to engage in omni-channel commerce, complete with infrastructure for the collection of first-party data for cost effective customer acquisition with one click.


Founders of Sekel tech


Rakesh & Hemlatha Raghuvanshi

Welcome to Sekel Tech. Our ambition is clear, To transform the landscape of omni-channel commerce. In a world brimming with channels, brands often struggle with fragmented customer insights and complex engagements. This is the challenge we tackle. At the heart of our platform is the power of first-party data, offering genuine, direct insights. This allows brands to optimize their approach, ensuring efficiency in both strategy and spend.

Join us as we redefine commerce, creating an enduring, transparent, and innovative ecosystem.

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