Hyperlocation without Tech is Useless


Key Product Features

Explore limitless possibilities with our unified dashboard – Discovery, Data Platform & Demand Generation in 360° approach.

Manage all locations in a single screen

Effortlessly manage all your locations on a single screen, providing a streamlined and efficient approach to oversee your retail geography.

Our Dynamic Listing Management optimises online presence, attracts more customers, and improves marketing efforts.


Other Important Features

Sekel Cloud Infrastructure offers scalability, cost-efficiency, and enhanced security, empowering businesses to focus on innovation and growth.


Effortlessly Connect Your DMS, LMS, CRM, CDP, and More

Experience unmatched efficiency with Sekel Tech's seamless integration with your current systems. Our platform ensures a unified, streamlined, and precision-driven approach in data management for your growth and success.


Choose All in One Platform

Supercharge your retail brand with pioneers of Hyperlocal. Our All-in-One solution combines the power of Online Discovery, Inbuilt CDP, CMS, LMS, DMS, PIMS and Demand Generation Modules.


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