Best Location-based Marketing Solutions & Services in 2023

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Location-based Marketing Solutions

Location based marketing solutions help brands to deliver targeted content, offers, and ads to customers in real time. These solutions rely on GPS, beacons, and Wi-Fi to identify a customer’s location and deliver personalised messages, offers, and more.

In today’s digital age, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to connect with their customers and drive sales. One strategy that has proven to be particularly effective is location-based marketing.

Location-based marketing utilises a customer’s physical location to provide targeted and personalised marketing messages. By leveraging technologies such as GPS, beacons, and geofencing, businesses can send relevant and timely offers and promotions to customers when they are in close proximity to their store or business.

In this blog, we will explore what is location based services marketing and various location-based marketing solutions available to businesses today. We’ll dive into the advantages and disadvantages of location-based marketing and effective location based strategies.


What is Location Based Marketing


Location-based marketing is a type of marketing that targets users with relevant and timely content and services based on their previous and current location using a variety of techniques. It is an excellent way for brands to engage with people more effectively. In other words, it allows brands to determine whether customers are near a retailer and send them product or service messages based on their location.

The goal of location-based marketing is to understand your potential customers’ purchasing behavior, as well as their needs, wants, and what will attract them to your business. You focus on attracting people who live near you and are interested in what your business has to offer again.


What are Location-Based Marketing Services


A location-based service is any technology that utilizes real-time location tracking. It provides targeted information to individuals based on their geographical location utilizing geospatial technologies, information and communication technologies, and the Internet. Mobile location-based marketing services consists of the software, the content provider, the end user’s mobile device, the positioning component, and the mobile network.

Location based services marketing is categorized as push-based once the user’s geographic location has been determined, such as displaying marketing information based on their location to a user, or pull-based, in which a user requests location-based information, such as “coffee shop near me.”


Advantages of Location-Based Marketing


  • Location Targeting

The number one tool for location-based marketing is the use of a target location. This will help you reach out to consumers and increase in-store visits within a certain region, making it easier to reach your target audience.


  • Having a Better Connection with Your Audience

The idea of location-based marketing can help marketers gain a greater connection with their target audience. Businesses can take advantage of the established locations of their audience to better develop a consumer-business relationship by making use of these locations.


  • Online Brand Localization

Google and other search engines list local businesses for the benefit of their users. Be sure your site data, localization settings, and metadata provide all the necessary information so you appear on the top search list. If you can be found easily online, your brand will gain more visibility.


  • Foot Traffic Increased

Sending offers and promotions to customers near your store encourages them to visit. It can also allow retailers to engage with consumers more deeply and create loyal customers, especially through mobile, websites, and social media.

Disadvantages of Location-Based Marketing


  • Location Data

If your location data is inaccurate or ineffective, you will target customers with irrelevant content. For location-based marketing to work, the location data must be accurate.


  • Irrelevant Content

If you segment your customers well and target them correctly, it works well. By understanding customer behavior and segmenting customers strategically, you can avoid sending messages to a large audience in a specific location and only send relevant information to users.


  • Make Sure Customers See Your Campaigns

Customers receive a lot of alerts, so sending them personalized content will ensure they stay focused on your campaigns going forward.


  • Tools And Opportunities For Customers Must Be Appropriate

Make sure the tools and opportunities are right for the customers. Marketers must ensure that customers can share their personal information and they can use GPS at any time.

Effective Location-Based Marketing Strategies


The use of location-based marketing is valuable for both small and large businesses. With consumers spending more time on mobile devices, it only makes sense to target them with location-based marketing. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to consider adding it to your marketing strategy.


  • Customer Loyalty

Local-based marketing is a powerful strategy for finding loyal customers and rewarding them for their loyalty to the brand. In addition to fulfilling your local visitors’ needs in physical stores, you can also thank them online with freebies, vouchers, and coupons. Additionally, this will serve as a promotional tool, as they will be asked to write a rating and review on your brand, improving your reputation.


  • Optimize for Local SEO

Local SEO usually refers to organic traffic that comes from your Google My Business listing when consumers search for a specific product or service. Create location-specific content for your website, encourage reviews from customers, and optimize your Google My Business listing in order to improve your local SEO. By including location-specific keywords in your website content, you can help people in your area find your product or service.


  • Ensure You Stay Ahead of the Competition

Businesses always want to outperform their competitors. By utilizing location-based marketing, you can not only increase the number of consumers but also drive them away from your competitors. In terms of marketing strategy, it has its perks.


    • Request Reviews and Testimonials

Offer a freebie or discount in exchange for reviews. In exchange for freebies and discounts, people will be more inclined to write positive and thoughtful reviews of your business. Ensure that you monitor your site and social media pages for reviews and testimonials. If you see any negative reviews or responses, try contacting those customers and contacting them. In case other customers in your area have also had a bad experience with your business, let them know you are willing to help them.


    • Incorporate Location Into Your Marketing

Getting your message in front of the right people at the right time is the key to a successful marketing campaign, so incorporate location into your marketing strategy. Getting your brand noticed by your target audience will be difficult if you do not know where they are.


    • Add Your Specific Location to the Hashtags

By adding your specific location to the hashtags, you can maximize the use of social media for location-based advertising. The location tag is also available on Instagram and Facebook, so people searching for your location can find it. Also, make sure what you post on social media accounts will be interesting to your audience.

Top 5 Location-based Marketing Solutions & Services


  • Sekel Tech

Best for all sizes of companies, in any type of industry.

Sekel Tech specializes in location based marketing services that capture and engage consumers in specific locations and present them with marketing messages through location based marketing solutions. From online to offline, Sekel Tech manages brands’ online presence, store orders, and consumer journeys.

The Sekel Tech location-based marketing platform bridges the online-offline consumer experience by providing simple, rich content generation and distribution tools. Insights and data are gathered in multiple directions and shared with customers through its multidirectional insight approach. By using sophisticated, highly accurate geofencing tools, Sekel Tech’s Location-based marketing platform allows content and customer engagement at specific times and places. Building detailed customer profiles, providing first-party data, understanding customer behavior, and increasing revenue are all possible with the platform.

  • Salesforce

Best for companies of all sizes, in any industry.

Salesforce is a geofencing marketing company that offers standard geofencing solutions to capture and engage consumers in specific locations and present them with marketing messages. Although Salesforce describes itself as the world’s leading CRM platform, it also offers a variety of location based marketing solutions and services for sales, marketing, and customer service. Users can use the applications without additional IT knowledge, making them a good choice for businesses looking for a turnkey CRM solution.

  • GroundTruth

Best For Local businesses, publishers, marketers, and channel partners.

GroundTruth is the leading location based services marketing and ad technology company. Understand your consumer, build your business, increase store visits & sales, and make smarter forecasting decisions with location data & adtech software. They also provide agencies and brands with location-based data and DSP tools. According to them, Data quality is the result of three key areas of data purification: accurate mobile location signals are called Location Determination, precise place maps are called Place Determination, and the ability to distinguish and verify real visits is called Visit Determination.

  • Social Places

Best for multi-location and franchise brands, restaurants, banks, retailers, as well as government officials.

Social Places specializes in location based services marketing and reputation management for franchised brands and multi-location businesses. They offer a range of product suites designed to centralize customer reviews and feedback, integrate social media and mapping/GPS information, manage restaurant reservations, and target digital advertising tailored to a location. Through a single dashboard, Listings, Reputation, Ads, Social, and Bookings work together to provide brands with a holistic solution to manage their online presence. Additionally, location based marketing services offer state-of-the-art reporting that offers granular insight based on feedback from customers and potential customers.

  • Reach Local

Best for corporate, manufacturing, education, healthcare, government, credit unions, restaurants, and retail.

Reach Local offers a full range of location-based services marketing and solutions. They offer pay-per-click marketing campaign tools and management, SEO services to increase web traffic and engage consumers online, and programmatic marketing technology to display ads across multiple platforms and networks. Their Reach Edge product allows them to track and measure the performance and effectiveness of their campaigns. With geofencing technology, a business can be broadcast in more than 50 directories, including Google and Yelp. The company’s name implies that they leverage the power of digital technology and the internet to drive traffic to local businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What are Three Primary Location-Based Tactics?

Location-based tactics are methods used to target customers based on their location. These include geofencing, geotargeting, and location-based retargeting. 

  • How Do You Develop Location Based Marketing Services?

To develop location based marketing services, marketers need to identify their target audience and create campaigns that are tailored to their needs.

  • What is Location based E-Commerce?

Location-based e-commerce is an online shopping experience tailored to a customer’s location. It can be used to deliver personalised experiences to customers based on their current location, such as offering deals or promotions that are only available in a certain area.

  • Why is Location based Marketing so Attractive to Marketers?

Location-based marketing is attractive to marketers because it allows them to target customers in a more precise way. It also provides the opportunity to create campaigns that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of customers in a particular area.

  • What is a Location based Marketing Example?

An example of location-based marketing is a restaurant offering a special promotion on a certain dish within a certain area. This could be done by geofencing the area and targeting customers who are within the geofenced area with an ad for the special promotion.




Businesses can greatly benefit from location-based marketing services and solutions. Not only is it easier to focus on a smaller area, but it also creates a community for business owners and customers. Start using Location-based services marketing today to reach your customers on a personal level.


Take Advantage of Sekel Tech’s Location-based Marketing


Sekel Tech provides the best location based marketing services and solutions for brands to reach, engage, and convert their customer base. With our competitor location-based marketing solutions, we provide everything from competitor research to hyperlocal targeting to online reputation management and addressable geofencing.

Our location-based marketing solutions will increase foot traffic to your store by targeting your neighborhood, nearby events, or nearby competitors’ locations. We also offer local organic discovery services that work well with location-based marketing. This will help you appear in search engines for local customers, boosting your position on local search engines. Also, our multi-directional insight and data gathering approach helps brands collect and deliver actionable insights.