Best SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Search Visibility

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Organic visibility refers to the non-paid ranking of a website or content in search engine results pages (SERPs) based on its relevance and quality to the search query. It’s appearing in the organic search results of a search engine without paid promotion.

Organic visibility is crucial to attracting qualified visitors and ultimately generating more qualified leads. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for strategies to increase traffic to your website without exceeding your budget. We have powerful strategies that will increase your clickthrough rate and your ranking in search engines. Unlike paid traffic, organic traffic is free. Before you can implement the best SEO strategy, you need to familiarize yourself with organic and paid searches.

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in organic search. Most people look online before purchasing a product or service. With SEO, you can improve your ranking and visibility on SERPs. Your SEO goals can be met and organic traffic to your website can be increased when you work with an organic discovery solution.

In this article, we present the best SEO strategies that can help you enhance the performance of your site.

Best SEO Strategies to Increase Organic Search Visibility in 2023

Search engine optimization can be incredibly valuable for driving traffic to your website, especially if your web pages rank highly in Google’s organic search results. Google’s search engine algorithm is constantly changing, but here are some basic strategies you can use to improve your organic search engine ranking.


  • Defining a Keyword List 

It is crucial to understand that increasing organic search visibility for your website may mean it will rank highly for only some keywords related to your field. The most important task is to rank highly organically for your desired keywords. Marketing and management teams must work together to achieve this goal. Utilising a tool to check the traffic and competition for each term, create a list of relevant keywords for your products and services. Keywords with high traffic potential and low-to-medium competition are ideal as they are easier to rank for and have a higher potential for driving traffic to your website. By using organic discovery tools, you can also discover what your customers are saying about your products.


  • Update Content and Satisfy the Search Intent 

Achieving a ranking on page one for  “Organic search visibility”  is a great feeling, but sometimes your pages rank higher than intended due to other factors like your overall authority or backlinks to your page. However, this does not last long in a competitive niche as another website may eventually cover the subject better. Updating your content is a smart way to ensure your article remains on the front page and improves your organic search visibility.


  • Come Up With a Fresh Angle

There is a growing trend of content in competitive niches resembling each other. Marketers often use the same tools and strategies as academics, which results in a one-dimensional experience for search engine users. To attract a searcher’s attention and improve your organic search visibility, finding creative and unique angles is crucial. You cannot come up with such angles solely using SEO tools. If you want to rank highly for “Organic search visibility”, take the risk and write about it from a perspective not found in SERPs.


  • Optimize for On-page SEO

The on-page SEO of your website directly affects its performance and organic visibility. On-page SEO optimised title tags, meta descriptions, and content to increase organic traffic and improve website visibility. For WordPress website optimization with on-page SEO, Sekel Tech’s organic discovery software is the best choice. It has several guidelines that facilitate website optimization and improve organic visibility. In addition to working with an organic discovery solution, you can also optimise your site or blog for on-page SEO to enhance organic visibility. Here are some tips for optimising your site:

    • Meta description

      Increase the organic click-through rate of a website by optimising its meta description with relevant keywords. Most internet users read the meta description before choosing to click on a page to determine whether to click or not. Pages with meta descriptions are more likely to receive clicks than pages without them. Before publishing your website, you should write a meta description.

    • High-quality SEO content

      An organic traffic increase can be achieved by publishing high-quality content. A content or copywriter can provide you with high-quality content for your site. You can publish long-form or short-form content in the blog section, and the content needs to be optimised with keywords. Keywords that appear on search engine result pages increase traffic and rankings.

    • Make use of multiple header tags

      Use header tags for both user experience and search engine optimization to improve organic visibility. A heading consists of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6, with H1 being the highest (or most important) level and H6 being the lowest. You should use H1 through H6 in your content, and including relevant keywords in these headings will enhance organic visibility.

    • Keywords optimization

      With on-page SEO, keywords are very important. In search engines, keywords rank at the top and drive organic traffic. Keywords can be either long-tail or short-tail. The content you create should always include keywords throughout, without being stuffed with them. This results in a decrease in search engine rankings. Headlines, title tags, URLs, and meta descriptions are good places for keywords to appear.

  • Add social sharing icons to promote content sharing

Every marketer wants their brands to be shared on social media. You can increase your content’s reach by sharing it with your followers, which can attract new, qualified visitors. The result of that is that search engines recognize that your content is going to provide a good and relevant experience to other future searchers of the same topic when people come, engage, and share it.


  • Optimizing your website for mobile viewing

Of the global population, 67.1% access the internet via mobile devices. To increase organic traffic, your site should also be mobile-friendly with such a high population. As a WordPress web developer, your main focus should be developing a mobile-friendly theme. Mobile-friendly sites are easy to access on different devices. eCommerce sales have increased with the COVID-19 pandemic. You can use Sekel Tech’s organic discovery tool to check if your website is mobile-responsive. 72.9% of online sales come from mobile devices.


  • Improve page speed

Bounce rates increase when a website takes a long time to load. On average, a user spends 2-3 seconds on a website. If the site takes longer to load, users will quickly leave it. To increase page speed, you should remove unnecessary codes from your website. You can ask your web developer to do this for you. In addition to optimising images, you can use WordPress image optimization plugins. Considering that page speed affects Google rankings and technical SEO, you may want to use lazy loads. That means images don’t load fully. Instead, they only load the section that the user is interested in. Site speed plays an important role in SEO and increasing organic traffic to websites, e-commerce sites, and blogs.


  • Increase Your Social Presence 

According to many industry experts, social signals will only increase as they influence organic search engine rankings. If you still need to do so, try setting up social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, and start building relationships with your audience there. By using social media, you can reach a wider audience of potential clients who are unfamiliar with your business or who you are. Having a social media presence gives you an inexpensive and quick way to reach an even bigger audience. By doing so, you and your business will become more aware of each other, resulting in increased sales.


  • Have a linking strategy

Link building is a crucial component of technical SEO. External and internal links both increase organic traffic to a website. In your link profile, you establish relationships with other pages that are relevant to your content.

Internal links point to other posts or pages on your site. Add links to other pages on your site that relate to your article. It is easy for site visitors to discover useful content on your site.

Whenever you link to a site, make sure it has a high domain authority. Also, you want to link to sites that offer value to your audience. A guest posting campaign is another way to earn backlinks. Besides being a strategy to build links, guest posting is also one to increase organic traffic. In short, you post on another website but include links to your own. Clicking on the links and landing on your website can boost organic traffic. Backlinks should use relevant keywords as anchor text, as this will help Google understand that your pages are relevant for those terms.


  • Track the visitors and leads your SEO is driving

Only half the battle is won by achieving top organic search engine rankings. Measuring your company’s impact on website traffic and lead generation can help you prove your value and optimise your results.

Your site’s Google Search Console can provide you with important information about how it is performing and identify possible errors you need to fix. In addition to tracking changes in search traffic, Google Analytics also helps measure how visitors interact with your website, which is a direct result of SEO.

Using Google Analytics, you can track how well organic traffic converts to subscribers, leads, and customers. Organic search marketers often track the conversions organic search drives online, but they fail to track call conversions.

In turn, they don’t get credit for all the revenue their optimizations generate. Using call tracking tools, you can tie sales and leads back to the web pages that drove them. The conversions your best SEO pages are generating can be tracked both online and over the phone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • How Does Organic Search Improve Visibility?

Organic search improves visibility by increasing the ranking of a website in the non-paid search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher the ranking, the more likely a website is to be seen by users searching for relevant keywords.

  • What is Search Visibility in SEO?

Search visibility in SEO refers to the ability of a website to appear in the search engine results pages for specific keywords. The higher the visibility, the more likely a website will receive organic traffic from search engines.


  • What is An Organic SEO Strategy?

An organic SEO strategy is a set of tactics aimed at improving a website’s ranking in the non-paid search results. This can include optimising the website’s content and structure, building high-quality backlinks, and increasing user engagement.


  • Why is Organic Search Important?

Organic search is important because it allows websites to reach potential customers who are actively searching for products or services related to their business. This can result in increased traffic, leads, and sales.

  • Does SEO Affect Organic Search?

Yes, SEO can significantly affect organic search. By following best practices for on-page and off-page optimization, a website can improve its ranking in search results, thereby increasing its visibility and attracting more organic traffic.


Organic traffic is dependent on SEO for ranking in search engines. Getting organic traffic to your website is easy if it appears after a user’s search query on Google’s first or second page. You can increase organic traffic in several ways. 

In the future, when you experience a significant drop in your organic visibility or simply want to do something proactive about it, you can use one of these strategies. These will help mitigate the ranking problems.
In conclusion, using an organic discovery solution can help you increase organic visibility for your site.


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