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Online Reputation Management

Expertise, Empathy, Commitment, and Transparency; are the four most critical components of building an Online Reputation Management strategy. All these are relevant in context to the time. Speed is of the essence. Your deeds must match your words, and communication channels and distribution play a vital role in achieving this. Because what’s local can soon become a global crisis; if not managed at the right time. What you need is your ears to the ground at the last mile. How are your channel partners representing you? Are they demonstrating you as the expert in the domain? What’s the point of being an expert when you cannot empathise with those needing help in your field? Doing the same thing day in and day out without getting bored and lazy is driven by the passion and commitment to be a leader and empathise with those suffering most transparently. In today’s new consumer journey, you need the ability to connect across all sales channels. Read last mile/stores/dealers / multi-brand outlets to connect online, build bi-directional communication flow and provide retailers and customers with the ability to respond instantly. This will help customers have a great experience. I believe the key to online success is to match warmth and competence. People want to like you, and people want to trust you. And the more likeable you are, the more amiable, the more kind and responsive you are, the greater the chance for your business discovery. Yes, the more you know how you’re coming off to people, the more people will positively respond to you. To achieve this, you need the Speed of ML and AI to help you read, respond and react to engage at scale at a fraction of time. It is all about needing a helping hand that suggests an appropriate response with empathy and transparent. We at Sekel Tech. are helping our customers achieve this in real-time.

Brand news travels fast online, so before a local event turns into a global mess, resolve the issue right then
Now With the Power of AI and ML, you can resolve any bad experience and turn it into a positive review.