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Do you know that the store locator is the most Important page, link on your brand’s website? Why? Because 90%+ of your website traffic is for branded search. Your brand’s sales come from these stores listed on a page link called store and customers who search for your brand want to know where they can buy it from, detail of your retail outlet/store. How easy it is for your customers to navigate to connect and seek information about your store? What’s the traffic to your store locator page? It would be correct to say that an accurate measure of your brand advertising impact is the percentage growth of your store locator’s organic traffic. You can see how often your store locator ranks for your branded keyword search in and around your stores. If your store sales are to grow, your store needs to increase footfalls, then one must ensure that your store locator is smart enough. To deliver an organic ranking for the listed stores to be deleted is the primary purpose of this link on your brand’s website. The power of the store locator is the most underplayed optimisation strategy for many search engine optimisers. Welcome to Sekel Tech.’s Smart store locator that helps you win online organically across all your store’s addresses and guarantees a 100% jump in online organic traffic within the first 100 days. Yes, the more you get discovered, the more footfalls you generate at your stores. The best metrics of the success of your digital investment.