The Ultimate Guide to E Commerce Consulting Services in 2023

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E Commerce Consulting Services

E commerce consulting helps you identify loopholes and boost your business where a particular brand or retail store is lacking. Let’s explore everything these consulting services can do for your business and steps taken when you’re ready to transform.

E commerce consulting makes it easier to create a fully functional, scalable, cost-efficient digital commerce platform and gain customers with a superior online experience.

The key services needed for E commerce consultancy for your company in 2023 are discussed in this article.


Importance of an E commerce consultant


Over the past two decades, the E commerce sector has expanded tremendously. According to eMarketer, worldwide E commerce sales are anticipated to reach $5.545 trillion in 2022 and $7.385 trillion by 2025. The US accounts for almost a fourth of that spending. You no longer have to worry about spending a lot of money opening and setting up a brick-and-mortar business if you have something to sell.


Different Ways in Which an E Commerce Consulting Services Grow Business


  • Select Lucrative Products

    Your current product offering can be examined by an E commerce expert, who can point out any improvements that need to be made. They can even assist you in creating a completely new product that would improve and broaden the market for your internet business. Additionally, they may assist you in setting competitive prices for each of your products.

  • Begin and Maintain Marketing Initiatives

    Your campaigns, whether they are for a search engine or a social media platform, can also be launched and even run with the aid of E commerce consulting services and marketing experts. As soon as the ads are up, the consultant will be able to periodically assess their effectiveness and make any necessary alterations to your strategy as a whole. A consultant can help you greatly with designing sales funnels and follow-ups in addition to creating fantastic advertisements, which is only a piece of the job they can accomplish.

  • Conversion Rate Improvement Initiatives

    E commerce consulting may be necessary if your conversion rates are having trouble. Your current online store can be examined by the consultant, who can then conduct tests to determine how best to raise conversion rates. It’s possible that anything behind the scenes—or even on the client end—is causing the problem. Whatever the case, a consultant will be able to pinpoint the problem and offer useful recommendations to put your E commerce business on the road to improvement.

  • Bargain with Merchants

    Depending on your demands, a consultant can assist you in negotiating with suppliers to obtain lower prices, new items, or a quicker turnaround time. The consultant can also assist with product sourcing problems, which are frequently caused by suppliers.

  • Take Advantage of New Business Development Opportunities

    An objective viewpoint on your company, as well as potential new avenues for commercial growth, can be provided by an E commerce consultant. The consultant can design a road map for you to follow as you pursue new certifications or engage in courses that will help you grow both your online store and your company as a whole.


Find Perfect E Commerce Consulting Services for Your Business


E commerce requires integration of multiple softwares that each has its own benefits. With the retail revolution and digitising, automation has become the new normal for every retail business. A digitised retail business requires a set of services that are offered by E commerce consulting services for their E commerce website and business.

At various stages of their growth lifecycle, ecommerce shops can work with an E commerce consultant. They can aid established stores in locating important cost areas to save operating expenses as well as new businesses in identifying potential for growth.

An E ecommerce consultant will create a strategy specific to your company’s needs to increase your ROI and cut costs based on the niche of your E commerce store, the categories of products you are selling, and the target market you are focusing on.

  • Strategic E Commerce Consulting

    With numerous firms joining the market to capitalise on the enormous potential of the rising demand from consumers who prefer to purchase online, the E commerce sector is growing rapidly. The leading providers of E commerce consulting services, offers precise, actionable insights into E commerce operations to SMEs and large-scale businesses aiming to maximise their online presence.

    These services should be able to provide the best E Commerce strategic consulting services because of the extensive industry knowledge and understanding of how E Commerce functions for various sectors. We develop a practical Digital strategy roadmap that enables you to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Digital Strategy for E Commerce

    Your awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of your digital strategy is maintained by an objective assessment of your digital goods and their performance. Get a thorough understanding of your digital strategy with the help of the professionals, and create a roadmap that will show you how to expand your company’s presence in the E commerce market.

  • E Commerce SEO Techniques

    For the business, SEO consultants offer an SEO plan. With the aid of our SEO strategy consultation, you can choose the ideal keywords for both on-page and off-page SEO considerations. You can obtain a thorough analysis of your present E Commerce SEO strategy and suggestions for its improvement.

  • Analytics

    Analytics are used to make business decisions rather than intuition. One of the most dependable E commerce consulting firms, they work with you to develop a successful digital strategy through data-driven efforts. They should assist you in establishing a data-driven culture that produces the desired and quantifiable outcomes.


Tips from Top E Commerce Consultants


  • Make the Storefront Your Priority

    After an item is put into the cart, almost everyone should be taken to a checkout page. Most business owners fear early check-outs because they want customers to purchase numerous goods (which is understandable). However, the majority of E commerce businesses don’t truly offer a wide enough selection of products to accommodate that kind of online consumer shopping. Instead, shoppers become preoccupied or distracted and leave the item in their cart. In order to recover a sale they could have made regardless, the owner is then forced to remarket and reduce the item. Send customers to the checkout page if they add something to their cart.

  • Improve the Bottom of the Conversion Funnel

    It’s best to focus your expansion efforts on the area of your website where they will have the biggest influence. This is the bottom of the funnel for almost all websites, or the last action a user must take to complete the intended action. The checkout flow is the bottom of the funnel for E commerce websites. The overall sales will rise by 10% if the checkout flow performs at a 10% higher level. In contrast, a higher-funnel optimization would only result in a 2% gain in sales from a 10% performance improvement on a product page that generates 20% of all sales.

    To enhance conversion & sales towards the bottom of the funnel, a few particular experiments should be conducted, including:
      Eliminating form fields
      Utilising auto-fil
      Steps in the client journey can be eliminated
      Examining the guest checkout

  • Investing in SEO

    Instead of requiring a resource commitment, all that is needed is time. This is significant given that many small firms, like ours, lack a million-dollar marketing budget. Due to the lack of office space requirements, most E Commerce stores have relatively little overhead, making it possible to become profitable with a small number of monthly sales. Because of this, SEO is incredibly important. With just a few months of SEO and content marketing labour, you can easily achieve 1,000 organic site visitors per month, which translates to 20 purchases per month assuming a 2% conversion rate.

  • Automated Email List

    Create simple automated email processes. The amount of money that retailers lose out on by failing to set up email automation is startling. According to industry figures, 70% of all online shopping carts are abandoned on average. Installing a straightforward cart abandonment sequence can very immediately recoup an additional 10–20% of these lost purchases. The addition of a welcome sequence, a browse abandonment sequence, a VIP sequence, and a win-back sequence, in addition to a cart abandonment sequence, can also assist in generating income round-the-clock without the need for the business owner to lift a finger. Finding free money is similar to that; it’s just laying around, ready for you to take it.

  • Budget Allocation for Advertisements

    To allocate 60% of your budget to targeted Facebook or Instagram advertisements, Google ads, or YouTube ads with high intent and then allocate the remaining funds to a sizable remarketing audience over the entire web. The remarketing audience must be extended for up to 120 days. A high intent and on target persona, excellent ads, and patient nurturing across all online websites until they convert and are essential in E commerce.

  • Utilize Discount Incentives Carefully

    Discounts should be utilized sparingly, but it is not the wisest course of action. It is quite foolish to discount your products and reduce the margins because the majority of online sellers have to deal with supplier expenses, delivery charges, or fees related to returns. What can your customers do to boost interest and boost sales? You might want to go back and update your product pages with more post-purchase advice and a place for customer comments.

    Keep in mind that companies don’t succeed immediately. You’ll need to experiment with different methods and strategies to see what works and what doesn’t. An E commerce expert can assist you in making the best use of your resources.

  • SMS Integration

    Having SMS integration is a popular trend in E commerce so you can communicate with your consumer base. We’ve discovered that during the past few years, SMS has become much more significant. Therefore, interacting with your client is essential. In order to stay in touch with consumers during the buying process ,send messages like payment confirmation, delivery confirmation, and more, as it is crucial in modern times to automate SMS.

  • Grow Your Newsletter

    To expand an online store, you must continually expand your email subscriber list in order to develop a foundation of devoted clients. All other channels, including SEO, PPC, and social media, can generate long-term revenue with the aid of this.

  • Create Email Captures with Emphasis on Email Community Building

    Even if other channels have come and gone (or changed from being free to paid participation), email has remained valuable to every online store I have owned or worked with. Create popup or tab email captures, and then start the introduction flow for new subscribers. Add a subscriber to the regular email campaigns when they leave the flow. Make sure your email messages are worthwhile to open. Instead than concentrating on the quantity of campaigns, consider the quality. Over time, higher open and click-through rates as well as engagement rates will pay off.


E Commerce Consulting Agencies


  1. Sekel Tech

    Specialises in

    Website and keyword SEO optimization, E commerce optimization

    Top Clients

    Bridgestone, Blackberry, Kohler, Gilf Oil, Dominos

    It can be very difficult to develop an organic search and discovery strategy for an E commerce business. It calls for expertise and in-depth knowledge. The best thing you can do for your website’s SEO ranking is to get your organic E commerce solutions from a reputable and well-regarded digital agency. When it comes to a digital agency that delivers results and comprehends the needs of the client, Sekel Tech is a respected name. Their three major services—first party data, SEO, and listings and reviews management—help them produce high-quality, market-qualified leads.

  2. Single Grain

    Specialises in

    E commerce marketing, SEO, conversion rate optimization

    Top Clients

    Salesforce, Amazon, Uber

    Single Grain, one of the top E commerce marketing firms in the world and a pioneer in everything related to business expansion, provides a comprehensive solution for today’s expanding businesses. With Single Grain, you get a partner who can help you with business promotion in addition to a great ecommerce consulting firm to develop your growth strategy.

  3. Hawke Media

    Specialises in

    Branding, consulting, digital marketing

    Top Clients

    K-Swiss, Localish, The Plug

    Over the years, Hawke Media, which offers a full range of services for ecommerce expansion, has assisted over 3,000 businesses in expanding and changing. The business focuses on providing companies of all sizes and sectors with data- and performance-driven success strategies.Hawke has experience in everything from online marketing tactics to digital transformation.

  4. Northern

    Specialises in

    Digital transformation, consulting

    Top Clients

    Milwaukee, Cineplex, Tentree

    Northern is a seasoned E commerce consultant that focuses on business and technology. The business focuses on providing advice to businesses looking to enhance customer experiences and increase customer lifetime value through memorable brand interactions. In-depth understanding of all the top E commerce platforms, such as Shopify, as well as the application of essential tools like Salesforce for managing customer connections are among Northern’s specialties.

  5. Sumo Heavy

    Specialises in

    Agile planning, consulting, digital transformation

    Top Clients

    Roku, TYR, Overtone

    Sumo Heavy might be the ideal agency for you if you’re looking for a business that can provide a data-first strategy to E commerce growth. The business may assist firms with everything from budgeting their financial cash flow to user experience-optimising their E commerce platforms.

    Since Sumo Heavy doesn’t focus on marketing and advertising, they stand out from many other consultants on the market today. Instead, this business aids E commerce businesses in better understanding their market, researching potential clients, and creating more effective process management strategies.


Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)


  • What does an E commerce consultant do?

    A range of services are provided by an E commerce consultant, but their main emphasis is on evaluating E commerce businesses, determining how they fit into commercial markets, and assisting store owners in achieving their objectives. They also provide consulting services for e-commerce store administration and expansion.

  • How do I become an E commerce consultant?

    Steps to Become an eCommerce Specialist
    – Have a thorough knowledge of E Commerce.
    – Learn the fundamentals of SEO.
    – Hone your E commerce SEO skills.
    – Learn about well-known E Commerce platforms.
    – Develop PPC campaign management skills.
    – Develop your knowledge of content marketing strategies for online stores.
    – Develop Your Email Marketing Skills.

  • How much does an E commerce consultant charge?

    An E commerce consultant is thought to run between $50 and $300 per hour. In exchange for a predetermined quantity of hours or deliverables, some consultants demand flat monthly retainer payments. The cost of a consultant varies according to the project’s size and scope, the consultant’s location, and your industry.

  • Does E commerce have a future?

    Ecommerce is expected to continue growing in the future. The increasing use of the internet and mobile devices, along with advancements in technology, have made it easier for consumers to shop online. Additionally, more businesses are moving their sales online to reach a wider customer base and reduce operating costs. However, it’s important to note that E commerce will not replace brick-and-mortar stores entirely, but it will definitely change the way of retail.

    E commerce consulting will continue to be a valuable service in the future as online shopping continues to grow in popularity. With more and more consumers turning to e-commerce platforms to make purchases, businesses will need to have a strong online presence to remain competitive.




E commerce consulting is a service that helps businesses optimise and improve their online retail operations. The objective is to increase revenue, drive customer engagement, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Your firm can benefit greatly from an E commerce consulting in a number of ways. Consider your present business requirements, such as creating a content marketing strategy or enhancing the journey to the shopping basket, before engaging a consultant, and list the duties you want them to carry out. To make the best recruitment possible, examine consultants within your pricing range and prepare interview questions. An excellent method to accomplish your objectives and relieve some of the pressure on your team is to hire an E commerce consultant.


Take Advantage of Sekel Tech’s E Commerce Consulting Services


An E commerce expert can greatly benefit your company in a number of ways. Identify the tasks you’d have a consultant perform before employing one. Examples of these tasks can include creating a SEO strategy or refining the path to the shopping cart. Review consultants within your budget next, and prepare interview questions to select the best choice. Hiring an E commerce consultant like Sekel Tech is a terrific method to accomplish your objectives and leverage a software that is effective and efficient as well.