Top 10 Organic Discovery Solutions and Platforms in 2023

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To grow your business, it is imperative that you focus on organic discovery whether you are running an e-commerce store, local business, or any brand. You can get help from organic discovery solutions to help you improve brand visibility and grow your business by a substantial amount if you do not possess the resources or technical expertise to do so.

Organic discovery platforms help companies optimize their SEO efforts and track their websites’ search engine rankings over time. You can consolidate all of the important functions, such as tracking search engine rankings, keyword research, and SEO audits, into one centralized system if you’re using multiple tools and spreadsheets.

Here we share our research and insights about the organic discovery marketplace, as we believe that informed buyers are the best type of customers. We provide you with high-level information about organic discovery platforms so that you can make an informed decision about the best platform for your business and your team.


What is an Organic Discovery


Organic discovery is the concept of someone finding your site through Google search and referencing and linking to it without you having to pitch them. The first step to organic discovery is to design a delightful and unique customer experience so that your visitors are touched by your brand and want to tell others about it. Take steps to ensure that your customers write positive reviews on and off your site, blog about you, share photos on social media, and refer you to others.

Importance of Organic Discovery

Organic discovery is important for businesses, no matter if you are a store marketer, a local business, or a brand. When asked why it is good for business, the answer is that not only does it attract new customers, but over time, you also deepen your relationship with those customers as you have built trust with them.

Organic discovery increases a business’ visibility through intentional, data-driven marketing. You can only benefit from organic discovery, so investing time is worth it. The analysis takes time and effort. It is an ever-changing process.

Making sure your site is search engine-friendly is an important prerequisite to organic discovery. In SEO-optimized pages, users and search engines cooperate to drive organic traffic by using content that meets the needs of those searching and is relevant to their needs. It’s why search marketing makes it a top priority.

Top 10 Organic Discovery Solutions & Platforms

  1. Sekel Tech –  Sekel Tech provides distributed content marketing solutions for retail businesses using search, social media, and mobile marketing. Using a single SaaS platform, it offers simple, rich content creation and distribution tools to assist business owners in seamlessly integrating the online and offline consumer experiences. In addition to helping hyperlocal businesses and brands to manage their online presence, store orders, and consumers’ online-to-offline journey.

Now that businesses can reach and influence millions of consumers in purchasing mode from the convenience of a single platform, businesses have the power and control to influence consumers with rich, dynamic content that is tailored to specific locations and contexts.

Additionally, the platform allows them to respond to messages, engage meaningfully through AI, and help them achieve accuracy, speed, and scale. Improve performance by implementing location-based knowledge. Sekel Tech gathers and delivers actionable insight through a multi-directional approach.

Sekel Tech offers a variety of services, such as:

  • Customer engagement across platforms and channels ensures sales.
  • Improve brand visibility by enhancing organic listings and search rankings
  • Increase margins by getting discovered and fulfilling orders instantly
  • Improve online consumer experience and brand reach by utilizing local platforms
  • Enables commerce at every point of sale with powerful features
  • Capture the data and conversation of consumers with its user’s outlet/dealers.
  1. BrightLocal – BrightLocal offers an all-in-one platform for optimizing and managing the reviews, citations, and Google Business profiles of local businesses. The benefits include more traffic and leads, better rankings in local searches, and an improved reputation. 

Local SEO tools and reports enable agencies and brands to improve rankings locally, generate more traffic and leads from local searches and manage their online reputations. Its customers see better local search results, save a ton of time, and demonstrate local search success to stakeholders in a way that’s easier to understand and communicate.

BrightLocal’s industry-leading platform has improved the local search visibility of over 5,000 innovative agencies and brands, including iProspect, Mediacom, Hilton, and Ikea. With BrightLocal’s search engine optimization audits, local listing services, and online reputation management solutions, these companies achieve their objectives.

  1. SE Ranking – SE Ranking is the leading SEO software for business owners, SEO firms, and agencies. Easily track rankings, monitor competitors, and spot errors. It gives users simple yet powerful tools for tracking SEO-optimization results. Features include accurate tracking of keyword rankings in the major search engines, Website audit based on hundreds of SEO-related parameters, Tracking, and monitoring of backlinks, Generate a professional SEO report using a module-based interface.

In order to provide the best search engine optimization options, it strives to improve user experience, functionality, and support. The company’s new tool allows users to perform an extensive audit of any website, compare results against competitors, and get fresh ideas on improving their SEO strategy. It is a single solution for multiple SEO issues.

  1. Seobase – Seobase offers users everything they need to know about SEO in one place. The market is highly competitive. With the Seobase platform, users can track their search engine ranking, analyze millions of search terms, and generate detailed and comprehensive reports. Make informed decisions based on the data provided by the Rank Tracking feature to track users’ search engine rankings across thousands of countries, cities, and states. SERP Checker provides users with the ability to analyze and compare their website’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison with its competitors. It also allows users to, evaluate their ranking on SERPs, and see how Google SERP features affect organic search results. 
  1. BrightEdge BrightEdge is the top SEO solution and content performance marketing platform, assisting more than 1,700 customers with driving more organic traffic to their websites. BrightEdge’s customers can gain insight into their SEO performance, content marketing strategies, and website performance against the competition as well as identify their return on investment.

In this SEO software, users can observe research, rankings, and recommendations for identifying what customers are looking for on the internet, creating a content strategy that targets the right customers, guides them down the sales funnel and keeps them engaged with the brand, increasing awareness in local searches, and putting mobile consumers at the center of their SEO efforts. 

  1. Advanced Web Ranking – Advanced Web Ranking was founded in 2002 and provides detailed ranking data to help users to understand their ranking in the most effective manner. In addition to providing reliable and up-to-date rankings, it offers complex data analysis instruments that allow ranking to be processed intuitively and efficiently; a wide range of performance metrics are sourced from various sources. The ranking reports are easy to create and easy to read; the web interface and reports are fully white-labeled. 

In order to deliver precise rank tracking data, AWR Cloud runs on top of high-end geo-targeted proxies to provide their customers with a global monitoring solution. 

  1. HigherVisibility – HigherVisibility is one of the leading interactive marketing agencies in the country, offering a range of services such as Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, and Website Design. By using these services, businesses of all sizes can reach their targeted consumers and increase sales. It works to ensure its clients get a positive ROI. The majority of companies seek their services for leadership and sales, and they have a track record that proves it.

HigherVisibility work with small and large businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to local businesses. Their team of experienced professionals can help users grow their business.

  1. PageTraffic – PageTraffic helps businesses generate leads & revenues through its full-service digital marketing solutions. The company’s team of digital marketing experts is focused on helping clients grow. Web design, web development, and PPC advertising are all services they provide. As well as world-renowned brands, small and medium businesses in a variety of sectors have worked with PageTraffic.

Google Premier and Facebook Marketing Partners are brands PageTraffic is proud to be associated with. The PageTraffic team has over two decades of experience in digital marketing, and they know just what it takes to enhance users’ online presence.

  1. Straight North – Straight North is a well-known search engine optimization company that has established a standard for successful search engine ranking. Clients benefit from the expertise of the team by generating better quality leads, which lead to improved profitability.

Using the exclusive lead validation dashboard, companies can prioritize and respond to high-value leads. Clients have praised its transparent, strategic creativity, as well as providing high ROI through measurable results. Its services include Competitive research, SEO Consulting, E-commerce SEO, Enterprise SEO, Lead generation SEO, and Local SEO.

  1. WebFX –  WebFX is a full-service digital marketing agency focused on generating revenue and leads for clients across different industries. A leading provider of Internet marketing, SEO, and web design and development services, WebFX helps medium to large businesses succeed online.

The team at WebFX consists of award-winning marketer, designer, and developer professionals with extensive experience driving traffic and generating results online. Additionally, they aim to keep the focus on the metrics that matter, such as revenue and leads. Their success at reaching these goals is the best indicator of their performance since they believe that their client’s success is what drives their businesses forward.


Sekel Tech’s goal is to provide you with the most accurate information. This allows you to make an informed decision. Additionally, you can search for the best organic discovery solutions. Sekel Tech is one of the best ways to grow your business online and offline, so it’s important to evaluate your options before making a decision. You can plan and enhance your organic discovery.

Do you need more help choosing the right organic discovery solution? Our all-in-one organic discovery platform provides customized recommendations based on your company’s needs in as little as five minutes.

What Makes Sekel Tech’s Organic Discovery Solutions and Platforms Different from Others

A great organic discovery solution, Sekel Tech assists brands with scaling their hyperlocal marketing, creating valuable content, improving search rankings, and Integrating their existing IT Infrastructure. 

Data platforms that handle small and large data sets play an essential role for businesses of all sizes. Choosing the right provider will not only provide you with confidence in data integrity, but you will also be able to access the freshest and most up-to-date data as well as first-party data at any time. In the SEO industry, Sekel Tech provides our clients with the most security, stability, and scalability.

For your business, it is important to consider which features are most important and the best SEO suite for it. Are your competitors ranking higher in search engines than you? With Sekel Tech’s services, you can rank higher in SERPs and fix a variety of issues on your website.