Top 15 Customer Experience Management Softwares & Platforms

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Customer experience management is a set of processes that a company uses to monitor, oversee, and organize every interaction the organization has with a customer. It continuously improves customer loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy by identifying and addressing issues faced by customers and by developing strategic plans.

Digital CEM software provides companies with valuable insight into their customers through data collection. It is possible for them to understand the habits and needs of every individual customer, what they want, and when they want it. Analyzing your existing customers’ habits will allow you to predict who your future customers will be. Find out the best options here and make your customers happy.

The process of creating a seamless customer journey for your buyers is much easier when you use customer experience management software. In this article, we have included some of the best customer experience management platforms and software that will help you improve the quality of your customer service and increase conversions.


What is Customer Experience Management Software


Customer experience management software is a technology that lets you manage the interactions your company has with existing and potential customers. It can consolidate data into a single view of the customer. It is imperative to track and improve the customer journey at all touch points in order to gain a competitive advantage.

It includes features such as customer management, ticket management, product inventories, self-service, reports & analytics, and collaboration. The benefits of its use will be reduced customer churn, enhanced customer satisfaction, and enhanced user engagement.

A CEM software provides companies valuable insight into their customers through data collection. It is possible for them to understand the habits and needs of every individual customer, what they want, and when they want it. Analyzing your existing customers’ habits will allow you to predict who your future customers will be. Find out the best options here and make your customers happy.

The process of creating a seamless customer journey for your buyers is much easier when you use customer experience management software. In this article, we have included some of the best customer experience softwares and platforms that will help you improve the quality of your customer service and increase conversions.

Importance of Customer Experience Management Software


Any business can benefit greatly from customer experience management software, which can provide greater efficiencies across all aspects of the company’s operation. No matter what your industry is, digital CEM tools play a vital role in creating a customer-centric culture. There are several factors to consider:


  • Analyse Customer Needs and Expectations

    Understanding user behaviour is the most critical function of digital CEM software. It gives you a chance to directly connect with your customers and attend to their concerns and delights. Using this data, you can understand what is working for them and what isn’t. Customer experience management software will help you gain a more complete view of what your customers think about you. Through this deeper understanding, you will be able to build more personalized services, and ultimately customers will feel that they are being listened to.

  • Store Data Centrally and Intuitively

    Customer experience management platforms store all customer information in one place, making it easy to share it across different teams in real-time. A history of your customer interactions should be available, from their behaviour to how it made them feel, so you can see where you did well and where you may have made mistakes. It makes future interactions smoother, easier, and more personalised by storing interactions and experience data about each of your customers. Additionally, it can help you see patterns and trends across many interactions with your customers at a macro level.

  • Omnichannel Customer Experience

    The right software will allow you to set up listening posts on your website, on social media, on third-party apps, and even in physical locations, so you can capture customer feedback at the right time. In addition to web and SMS surveys, your software should offer interactive voice response (IVR) and live chat options to gather customer feedback. A centralized system should track all feedback channels, giving you an overview whenever you need it.

  • Data-driven Action

    Customer feedback is not simply collected and analyzed and used to determine future actions by the most successful organizations. Businesses can respond directly to their customers using state-of-the-art customer experience management platforms, without ever leaving the system. Using automation and personal care, you can track customer feedback from survey responses to the resolution.


Top 15 Customer Experience Management Platforms & Software


  • Sekel Tech – Customer Experience Management Platform #1

Sekel Tech is a CEM platform that helps Retail businesses drive in-store sales across search, social media and mobile channels. Through a single software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, it provides a suite of easy-to-use tools for producing and distributing rich content to help business owners incorporate online and offline customer experiences seamlessly. It is one of the best customer experience management tools.

Businesses now have the ability to reach millions of consumers in buying mode with rich, dynamic content, tailored to the location and context of their customers, all from the convenience of a single platform. Moreover, the platform helps them achieve accuracy, speed, and scale in commerce by enabling them to respond and dynamically engage meaningfully. Using the platform, you can get full visibility and actionable intelligence from the conversations between your store and your customers. Your listings & reviews management can be easily integrated and automated for higher conversions with this platform.


  • IBM Tealeaf – Customer Experience Management Software #2

    Tealeaf is a digital CEM software that helps you analyze how users interact with your mobile sites and apps. It is possible to monitor large traffic without affecting site performance. With Tealef, you can retrieve a specific mobile session based on its device parameters, HTTP request, or observed events. With its simple user interface, the platform enables customers to design even the most complex and personalised user experiences from one place.

    The unique feature of Tealeaf is its replay capability, which allows you to diagnose and fix problems quickly. Even though Tealeaf is great for monitoring, it can’t replace your digital analytics data or fulfil all your business needs. This solution captures and measures all customer experience management data, enabling the enterprise to make strategic decisions more quickly and efficiently.


  • Zendesk –  Customer Experience Management Platform #3

Zendesk is a digital CEM platform that enables teams to manage customer interactions across the entire buyer journey. There are native features for automated responses and analytics, but any more purpose-specific apps users prefer will have ZenDesk integrations.

The Zendesk platform improves customer-brand relationships. Their products make companies more scalable, reliable, and flexible. This platform enables better communication as well as the profitable use of large amounts of data. Additionally, work together to build lasting relationships through interactions.


  • Adobe Experience Manager – Customer Experience Management Platform #4


Adobe Experience Manager is a digital CEM platform that gives you valuable information about how your website and apps are being used by users. It helps you manage your shoppers’ experience across various channels and ways of communication by incorporating digital asset management, a powerful content management system, and digital enrollment.

This platform simplifies the distribution of content across multiple channels, and personalities the content based on the device the customer uses, in order to make your brand, product, or service more appealing to the customer.


  • SAS Customer Intelligence 360 – Customer Experience Management Platform #5

SAS Customer Intelligence 360 is a one-stop-shop for improving customer loyalty and boosting business. The platform offers guided analytics, tests, experiments, optimizations of customer journeys, and personalizations.
The software allows businesses to track all customer interactions across all their touchpoints. Additionally, it interprets the data to help businesses determine which parts of the customer journey need to be improved.


  • UserTesting –  Customer Experience Management Platform #6

UserTesting is an on-demand human insight platform designed to improve customer insights. It is an excellent way to get feedback on first impressions, accessibility, and functionality before you launch your brand-new site or roll out an update. Defining your demographic and giving them some tasks to complete with a few questions to answer at the end will allow you to obtain feedback more efficiently.

A real-time recording of their thoughts and screen gives you a true, unfiltered view of what they are experiencing. Though great for analysing individual feedback, it lacks the automated tools to analyse that feedback, so third-party voice analytics will be necessary.


  • Satmetrix – Customer Experience Management Software #7

Satmetrix is one of the leading global providers of cloud-based customer experience management software. The software enables teams to improve the overall experience of customers. You can use Satmetrix to analyse the relationship between customer behaviour and business outcomes, as well as to publish positive feedback directly on social media. It provides a private virtual cloud with enhanced support for enterprise clients.

Satmetrix offers advanced survey capabilities, such as segmentation based on location, industry, or product, to help you better understand customer sentiment. These features help you improve the customer experience both day-to-day and with major strategic changes.

Through Satmetrix, you can identify trends and patterns that need to be addressed, reduce churn and retain at-risk customers, and automate workflows to help support agents resolve issues.


  • HubSpot Service Hub – Customer Experience Management Software #8

Traditionally, Hubspot has been the go-to tool for inbound marketers. With the enterprise edition, you can track every action your customers take on your website, allowing you to customise the customers’ experience based on their interaction. In Hubspot for enterprises, advanced reports are easily shared with team members and stakeholders.

A key feature of Hubspot’s software is customer journey mapping, which emphasises how the customer journey changes over time. The NPS tool can also be used in conjunction with Hubspot, which generally confirms the reporting results.


  • Clarabridge – Customer Experience Management Platform #9

Clarabridge is a CEM platform that helps businesses win over customers by managing their customer experiences. It analyzes every customer interaction, including voice, and text. To gain a complete picture of customer sentiment, it applies text analytics and natural language processing to all customer contacts, not just feedback.

Clarabridge facilitates the activation of the customer voice across the enterprise by collecting and transforming customer feedback into information. Dashboards, reports, and alerts make it easy to interpret the data. In a large-scale contact centre, this allows real-time alerts to highlight negative customer experiences as they occur.


  • LiveAgent – Customer Experience Management Platform #10

LiveAgent is a general-use helpdesk platform that lets users provide live support via a variety of channels, including voice, text, and social media, as well as create customer portals, ticketing systems, and self-service resources. There are a variety of integrations you can use to get LiveAgent’s comprehensive feedback and behaviour analysis.

All customer communication channels can be managed from a single shared company inbox. You can integrate social media, keep an unlimited ticket history, record calls, and create hybrid ticket streams.


  • Freshdesk – Customer Experience Management Software #11

Freshdesk is an easy-to-use software service that offers four customer experience software plans focused on ticketing. With its omnichannel features, you can manage tickets with extensive automation for seamless usage. In addition, it exhibits robust capabilities for prioritising, categorising, and assigning tickets intelligently. Moreover, a mobile field service specialty from end to end brings everything together. Also, deploy Freshdesk for a customer self-service experience offering such benefits as AI-powered chatbots.

  • Qualtrics – Customer Experience Management Platform #12

Qualtrics is a single system of record for customer, product, employee, and brand experience data. The platform provides the most accurate insights. Qualtrics offers unique templates, powerful survey features, and more, along with CX analytics that help you keep your customers. With its numerous cutting-edge features, it integrates seamlessly with your current app network.

Through Qualtrics, you can gather user feedback and analyse behaviour throughout the entire customer journey. By combining these features with automated content delivery and promotion delivery, you can boost conversions and improve customer satisfaction.


  • Sprinklr – Customer Experience Management Platform #13

Sprinklr is the only unified CEM platform that offers AB testing, activity dashboards, alerts, escalations, APIs, and augmented analytics. Additionally, it provides campaign-centric benefits such as analytics, management, and planning. Aside from automated publishing and responses, you also get behaviour analytics, benchmarking, and channel management.

Sprinklr uses AI to support agents by analysing interactions in real time to predict intent and needs and then providing resources to the agent accordingly. A highly personalised service is provided via every channel based on the analysis of past interactions and user activity.


  • Genesys – Customer Experience Management Software #14

Genesys is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based customer experience and contact centre solutions. It provides a contact centre package that integrates advanced artificial intelligence bots that can understand and converse in natural language both via text and voice. In addition to Genesys’ standard help desk capabilities, it also offers machine learning-powered agent coaching, providing real-time feedback and insights.

  • ContentSquare – Customer Experience Management Platform #15

ContentSquare is a CEM platform that provides digital CEM tools for analysing customer journeys and visualising the results. The benefit of this is that it provides insights that designers and developers can understand. The zone-based heat maps that show how many clicks and conversions a part of a page gets are an excellent tool for understanding where to focus.

Through Contentsquare, businesses can understand what makes their customers click, beyond traditional metrics. By providing powerful analytics, Contentsquare makes insights more accessible.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What are the 3 Main Components of Customer Experience?

The 3 main components of customer experience are customer interaction, customer perception, and customer journey.


  • What is CX in SaaS?

CX in SaaS refers to the customer experience within the context of a software product or service that is delivered over the internet.


  • How Do You Create a Customer Experience Roadmap?

To create a customer experience roadmap, identify your customers, map out their journey, and prioritise improvements.


  • What is a CX Framework?

A CX framework is a structured approach to designing and improving the customer experience, typically involving multiple dimensions or stages.


  • How Do You Track Customer Experience?

To track customer experience, you can use various metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), and Customer Effort Score (CES), as well as customer feedback and analytics.




In conclusion, prospective customers should carefully consider the features and functions of the best customer experience management platforms & software before making a decision. Each of this software and platforms offers unique benefits, making them suitable for a variety of businesses. Additionally, investing in the right software and platforms can make a tremendous difference in the way customer interactions are handled, as these programs seek to automate and streamline processes to provide better services. With the right selection, according to business needs and customer preferences, it is possible to deliver an outstanding customer experience that can ensure happy and satisfied customers.


Take Advantage of Sekel Tech’s Customer Experience Management Platform


Customer experience strategies should reflect the unique nature of each company. Choosing the right digital CEM software is essential if you want your strategy to resonate with your customers.

Take the advantage of Sekel Tech’s CEM platform that has features of customer analytics and retention. The platform collects first-party customer data, extracts insights, and will give you an in-depth knowledge of your customers.

It includes features such as Content Management, Interaction Recording, Text Analytics, Push Reports, Customer Surveys, Reputation Management, Listing Management & Reviews Management, SEO Management, Web Traffic Reporting, Geo Ranking, Interaction Tracking, and Multi-Channel Communication.