Top 20 Location-Based Marketing Companies: Find The Best One

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Location Based Marketing Companies

Location-based marketing is a marketing strategy that uses mobile devices and location information to reach potential customers. It helps in increasing sales by targeting nearby customers who are not aware of your business or product offering.

There are many reasons for the success of location-based marketing. It helps in the growth of many businesses by improving customer engagement by providing them with relevant offers and deals based on their location. It also provides data insights that can be used to meet customer needs better and make more informed decisions about the company’s future direction.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 20 location-based marketing companies and what makes them stand out from the rest. We will also take a look at some of their most popular features and what they offer clients.

What is Location-based Marketing?

Location-based marketing is a marketing strategy that is based on the location of a potential customer. It tries to provide information or offers to customers in its proximity. The main aim of this type of marketing is to provide the right message at the right time and place. It also helps in understanding the needs and preferences of customers in a better way. Marketing strategies of this type are quite adaptable and allow for precise targeting.


Importance Of Location-based Marketing


A key factor in the success of location-based marketing is that numerous competing companies already use it. A location-based marketing strategy increases foot traffic immediately, displays more relevant ads to viable customers, directs customers away from the competition and improves customer experience.

  • Immediately Increase Foot Traffic

    For immediate foot traffic, digital commerce brands can run limited-time promotions, deliver offers that are only available today or in-store, or raise awareness about events and specials. Through location-based marketing, you can engage with customers passing by your store or browsing similar products at a competing, nearby store, resulting in more store visits and redemptions. Whenever a customer passes your store, your mobile app can deliver automated, personalized push notifications or in-app messages to entice them in.


  • Keep Customers Away From Your Competitors

    By using location-based marketing, your brand can offer your customers more competitive specials while they’re visiting your competitors. Deliver personalized offers when your customer enters your competition’s store using geofencing or geotargeting.


  • Continually Improve Your User Experience

    Using data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and location data, you can gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ behaviors, needs, and tendencies. Your targeting strategies, content strategies, and engagement types can be further refined by using location data to understand how customers prefer to engage with you and with your competition.


  • Data Quality Is Important

    Data collection, data sources, and data analysis are becoming more and more important for digital commerce companies as advanced technologies increase their quality potential. It’s important to have high-quality data. The Sekel Tech location-based marketing solution provides a constant stream of relevant data from a variety of sources, along with user-friendly dashboards and data visualization tools that are used to present data results and specific metrics back to your team.

Top 20 Location-based Marketing Companies


Location-based marketing companies can help you get, engage, and convert more customers and grow your business in your local area by promoting your products or services to them. Here’s a list of the top 20 location-based marketing companies that offer location-based marketing services:

  1. Sekel Tech

    Sekel Tech is a location-based marketing company that offers hyperlocal marketing solutions to local, national, and international brands to capture and engage consumers in specific locations and present them with marketing messages. Sekel Tech manages brands’ online presence, store orders, and consumer journeys from online to offline. Through an integrated SaaS platform, Sekel Tech provides a suite of simple-to-use, rich content generation and distribution tools to bridge the online-offline consumer experience. Through its multidirectional insight and data gathering approach, brands gather actionable insights and share them with customers.

    Sekel Tech’s Location-based marketing platform provides sophisticated, highly accurate geofencing tools, allowing content and customer engagement at specific times and locations. The platform helps to build detailed profiles of customers, understand their behaviors, and increase sales and revenue.


    Multi-Channel Communication, Content Management, Reporting/Analytics, SEO Management, Web Traffic Reporting, Reputation Management, Listing Management, Geo Rankings, Store & local analytics, CRM, Inventory & ePOS integration.

  2. AdMoove

    As a global leader in LBA, AdMoove is based in France. The company offers mobile communication devices to retail outlets to provide a customer-centric buying experience. Through the company’s platform, organizations can advertise their businesses within 500 meters of their store location. The company integrates geotagging with advertising to help users find local deals and promotional offers near them. In order to engage their customers on their mobile devices, the company provides national and local retailers with the option. Admoove uses location-aware, data-driven targeting strategies (geo-fencing, audience targeting, behavioral targeting, and retargeting, or RTB) to achieve superior returns on investment.


    CRM, audience targeting, Content Management, Reporting/Analytics, SEO Management, Mobile Keywords, Performance Management.

  3. BrightLocal

    Using BrightLocal, marketers will rank higher, build a stronger reputation, and get more visitors to their websites. Also, marketers will be able to increase their visibility in local searches. Over 5,000 innovative agencies and brands use BrightLocal’s industry-leading local search platform. A BrightLocal SEO Audit and Report, Local Listing Service, or Online Reputation Management solution can help companies to achieve their goals. Users can integrate BrightLocal with third-party platforms like Google Analytics, Twitter, AgencyAnalytics, and more. Users can receive review alerts for user-generated mentions online. Besides mobile search rankings, maps, and review alerts, it also includes store marketing features.


    Keyword Rank Tracking, Reporting/Analytics, Localization Automation, Performance Metrics, SEO Management, Mobile Keywords, and Keyword Rank Tracking.

  4. Cidewalk

    A geofencing company, Cidewalk specialises in mobile marketing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Their clients have the option of targeting a specific city or town as part of their mobile marketing campaigns. Clients create their own custom mobile ads, and once the company launches them through thousands of popular apps, people receive them while using the apps. By using geofenced local mobile ads and text messages, Cidewalk helps businesses reach local customers. Through cost-effective geofenced local mobile advertising and business text messaging, Cidewalk helps businesses promote and grow their business.


    Contact Management, Mobile Keywords, Campaign Management, Customer Segmentation, Reporting/Analytics.

  5. Xtreme Push

    Xtreme Push is a geofencing marketing agency with a global reach. In addition to its headquarters in Ireland, Xtreme Push also has offices in the UK, the USA, and Eastern Europe. It enables businesses to create better customer relationships and acquire new ones by sending real-time, relevant messages to existing customers. In a bid to expand its service portfolio and footprint, it recently acquired a leading UK email service provider. Brands and marketers can target web and mobile app users with contextually relevant contextual marketing messages tailored to the time and place of interaction with Xtremepush’s platform. As a result of hyper-customized and personalized marketing strategies and techniques, the company boasts double-digit increases in conversion rates and enhanced client revenues.


    Automated Scheduling, Task Management, Reporting & Statistics, CRM.

  6. Salesforce

    As a geofencing marketing company, Salesforce offers standard geofencing solutions to capture and engage consumers in specific locations and present them with marketing messages. However, Salesforce describes itself as a world-leading CRM platform. In addition to sales, marketing, and customer service applications, Salesforce also offers a variety of cloud-based solutions. However, the applications are user-friendly and do not require additional IT expertise, making them an appropriate choice for businesses seeking a turnkey CRM solution.


    Performance Metrics, Cataloging/Categorization, Lead Segmentation, Performance Management, Performance Management, and Lead Capture.

  7. PlaceIQ

    PlaceIQ is a leading data and technology provider that helps businesses and marketers make the right decisions based on location data, analytics, and insights. A key component of PlaceIQ’s offering is location data, analytics, and insights, which help businesses and marketers make better decisions, increase brand awareness, and increase ROI. Providing marketers with aggregated insights helps them target consumers more effectively. This company drives the market’s evolution of best practices that support the right of consumers to notice, choose, and be transparent. The PlaceIQ platform allows businesses to connect with location-based audiences, measuring real-world ROI, and apply insights to create smart marketing campaigns. With PlaceIQ, auto telematics data is combined with purchase data to create a persistent and robust picture of consumers.


    Performance Metrics, Cataloging/Categorization, Lead Segmentation, Reporting/Analytics, Performance Management, and Lead Capture.

  8. ThinkNear

    As a location-based marketing and advertising provider, ThinkNear specialises in geofencing solutions. ThinkNear’s location-based mobile marketing platform connects people and brands in the moments that matter. Using mobile devices, they assist clients in reaching customers and potential customers located near businesses, special events, competitors’ locations, and other geographical zones. A comparison of ThinkNear’s results with typical industry outcomes shows higher performance across all verticals. Data from a third party found that ThinkNear’s network reaches more than 100 million people across more than 65,000 mobile apps.


    CRM, Audience Targeting, Content Management, Reporting/Analytics, SEO Management, Mobile Keywords, Performance Management.

  9. AdNear

    AdNear is the largest source of intelligence about people, places, and products. The AdNear platform is an advanced location-based intelligence platform that helps advertisers improve the quality of their products and services by analyzing mobile data available on the market. Among its customers are most of the leading brands in India, Southeast Asia, and Australia. Based on its unique concept, the company does not require real-time GPS location information from users. As a result, the information is gathered from three sources: first-party data, third-party data, and information obtained through the application. Using Big data analytics extracts all the information and creates a filtered audience based on their geographical and psychographic characteristics.


    Business Listings Management, Website Design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Reviews, Customer Feedback, and Online Reputation Management.

  10. Local Page Pop

    A geofencing company, Local Page Pop offers specialized services to real estate professionals and political campaigns, as well as geofencing to other industries. The company can create high-tech marketing zones that target consumers based on their physical location as well as their demographic profile by displaying ads within those areas. Additionally, they offer keyword targeting, contextual and behavioral marketing, IP targeting, and CTV marketing for TV viewers who stream their content to their digital devices. The company allows its clients to target audiences based on location and add demographic filters to geo-fences.


    Performance Metrics, Cataloging/Categorization, Lead Segmentation, Reporting/Analytics, Performance Management, and Lead Capture.

  11. SeedLogix

    Seedlogix’s Inbound marketing platform offers businesses with multiple locations an all-in-one web marketing, inbound marketing, and reporting solution. With this software, you can manage content, automate marketing campaigns, and report across multiple channels, locations, and customers in a simple, intuitive manner. It is designed for business owners, marketers, SEOs, marketing service providers, multi-location companies, franchisors, manufacturers, and agents. A full-service marketing company, SeedLogix also offers search marketing, analytics, ROI tracking, segmentation, social marketing, and drip campaigns all in one location.


    Responsive Multi-Site CMSs, Content Blogging Platforms, Landing Pages, Contact Manager, Aggregated Web Analytics, SERP Rankings, and Call Recording and Tracking.

  12. Telenity

    A location-based marketing company, Telenity offers location-based marketing, messaging, and other related services. A company’s online advertising platform – SmartAds enables new marketing and advertising business models. The company provides a variety of LBS, including friend finder, tracking, and advertising. It caters to network operators, content providers, and service application developers in Monroe, Connecticut, US.


    Digital Marketing, SEO Management, CRM, Customer Feedback, and Online Reputation Management.

  13. Propellant Media

    As one of the premier geo-fence digital agencies, Propellant Media provides hyper-local targeting solutions to local brands with multiple locations using geo-fencing and programmatic display. Small-midsize businesses and emerging brands can benefit from enterprise-level solutions from Propellant Media. Using propellant media’s geofencing solutions, companies can monitor individual buildings, malls, retail stores, parking lots, or even convention centers. Additionally, Propellant Media offers a white-label solution for agencies and marketing companies wanting a turnkey solution that includes reporting, analytics, and full geofencing and programmatic display campaigns.


    Performance Metrics, Cataloging/Categorization, Lead Segmentation, Reporting/Analytics, Performance Management, and Lead Capture.

  14. Kick Adz Media

    As a location-based marketing company, Kick Adz Media offers online marketing solutions such as search engine ads, social media ads, display ads, and YouTube ads. Their e-commerce solutions are also popular with clients who want to sell products and services online. They are also known for their geofenced marketing strategies. In addition to geofencing around a competitor’s location or a special event, the company will set up geofencing so clients can trigger ads and feedback using their own locations. They also offer retargeting services, like many other companies in this field. They track conversions that lead to a targeted customer actually purchasing a product or service. In addition to geo-fencing services, Kick Adz Media also has in-store conversion tracking for people who have seen your advertisement and walk into one of your stores after seeing it.


    Audience Engagement, Event Scheduling, Multistreaming, Activity Dashboard, Performance Monitoring.

  15. Reach Local

    As a location-based marketing company, Reach Local offers various services and solutions to businesses. The company offers a variety of paid-per-click marketing campaigns; SEO services that increase web traffic and engage consumers; and programmatic marketing technology for displaying ads across a wide range of networks and platforms. A product they call Reach Edge allows them to track and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. This is a geofencing tool that also provides search engine information to advertise a business in over 50 directories, like Google and Yelp, using geofencing technology. In order to drive traffic to local businesses, they leverage the power of digital technology and the vast internet, as their name suggests.


    Interaction Tracking, Alerts/Notifications, Reporting/Analytics, Data Import/Export, SEO Management, Web Traffic Tracking.

  16. Geofence Media

    As its name implies, Geofence Media provides targeted and geographically-specific digital marketing and advertising services. They can establish a geofence zone and send ads to consumers’ mobile devices when they enter or reenter it. Providing transparent and affordable geofencing solutions that are customized and deliver pinpoint accuracy is the company’s mission. Additionally, they perform website retargeting and have a product called Visitor ID. It’s a geofence tool that tracks how customers interact with content on a website. Aside from programmatic television advertising, Geofence Media offers a wide range of other services to businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations.


    Digital Marketing, SEO Management, CRM, Customer Feedback, and Online Reputation Management.

  17. GroundTruth

    GroundTruth is a leading location-based marketing company that helps businesses understand their audiences and drive results. It’s all about data and location at Groundtruth. They also offer location data to agencies and brands, as well as DSP functionality. Using their own words, Data quality is a result of three key areas of data purification:
    1) mobile location signals are accurate, called Location Determination;
    2) place maps are precise, called Place Determination; and
    3) the capability of distinguishing and verifying real visits, called Visit Determination.


    Data Management, CRM, SEO Management, Customer Feedback.

  18. Factual

    Factual is the location data company trusted by the world’s largest brands and technology companies that help brands and businesses grow intelligently. It works with a number of large DSP platforms, including Trade Desk, Choozle, and others, and outsources its geo-fencing solutions. A provider of digital marketing solutions that assist marketers, advertisers, and agencies throughout the entire marketing campaign lifecycle. This includes location-based data collection and management to target consumers based on their behavior; geofencing to target specific geographic areas, and cross-channel ads powered by CRM data.


    Digital Marketing, SEO Management, CRM, Customer Feedback, and Online Reputation Management.

  19. Enradius

    Enradius is an agency that specialises in geo-targeted advertising and marketing. Geo-targeted digital advertising solutions are available for desktops, mobile devices, tablets, and connected TVs. With Enradius, businesses can focus on the customers who are most likely to shop within their targeted geography. By utilizing real-time data, programmatic buying, and performance-driven campaigns, Enradius delivers premium experiences, programmatic buying, and performance-driven campaigns. With Enradius, you can maximize the value of your digital advertising with leading publishers, advertisers, and agencies.


    Campaigns Management, Reporting/Analytics, Performance Management, Data Management.

  20. Foursquare

    As a location intelligence company, Foursquare offers consumer apps such as Foursquare and Swarm, as well as media and enterprise products. Through the platform, brands can understand and connect to targeted audiences as well as measure foot traffic and advertising success through a deep understanding of location intelligence. Four tools are in its toolkit: Foursquare Analytics, Placed powered by Foursquare, Pinpoint Audiences, Pilgrim SDK, and Places API. In addition to analyzing trends, Foursquare’s developer tools help brands optimize advertising campaigns across hundreds of audiences, measure foot traffic lift with multi-touch attribution, and drive deeper engagement with consumers.


    Analytics/ Reporting, Audience Management, Campaign Management, and CRM.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Which one is a Type of Location-Based Marketing?

    Proximity marketing is a type of location-based marketing that involves sending messages or promotions to customers who are near a particular location.

  • Why Location-Based Services are Important?

    Location-based services are important because they allow businesses to deliver tailored, relevant messages to customers based on their location. This helps businesses to reach the right audience at the right time and maximize the impact of their marketing efforts.

  • How do Location-Based Services Work?

    Location-based services work by using GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology to detect the location of a particular device and then sending messages or offers to that device.

  • Why is Location-Based Marketing so Attractive to Marketers?

    Location-based marketing is attractive to marketers because it allows them to reach customers in a more targeted way and increase engagement, resulting in higher conversion rates.

  • How can Location Attract Customers?

    Location can attract customers by delivering tailored messages or offers based on their location, which helps to increase engagement and drive sales. Additionally, businesses can use location data to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences.




To make sure you choose the right location-based marketing company and extract the most valuable information possible, you should read this article. By promoting your products or services to your local customers, location-based marketing can help you get, engage, and convert more customers and grow your business in your local area. When you keep your customers happy, you will be able to maintain their loyalty. As a result of their loyalty, you receive higher revenues, and your products are more successful.


Take Advantage of Sekel Tech’s Location-Based Marketing


A location-based marketing strategy is a powerful one that can increase sales, traffic, and engagement for a business. As businesses become increasingly digitalized, location-based marketing helps companies to stay connected with local customers. There are many capabilities available to businesses using location technologies, including targeting a specific geographical area or setting specific consumer parameters. Whether you are a business owner or marketing manager looking to implement a location-based marketing strategy, Sekel Tech can help.

Sekel Tech is a powerful location-based marketing company. We help all types of companies grow their sales and help them to increase both their local search traffic and foot traffic. Our platform helps businesses research their target audiences and connect with them like never before. By controlling and managing 1st party consumer data in one place, Sekel Tech reduces the cost of reaching and engaging with customers across platforms. By using Sekel Tech’s tools, users can gain valuable insights into their ideal customers. Respondents are incentivized to respond quickly and accurately.