Top 5 Examples of Location Based Marketing Campaigns in 2023

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Location Based Marketing Campaign

Location based marketing campaign is a strategic marketing initiative aimed at promoting a specific goal for a brand, company, or individual. It is designed to get consumers’ attention with messages that are relevant to their current location.

In today’s market, it is essential that businesses focus on their online presence. A lot of brands and companies have realised this, and have developed location-based marketing campaigns in line with this strategy. It is important for companies to understand the benefits, tips, and best examples of marketing campaigns and how they can be effective for their brand, as well as for targeted consumers.

In this article, we discuss what a location based marketing campaign is, the benefits of location based marketing campaigns, tips for executing a successful marketing campaign, and 5 Best Examples of Location-based marketing campaigns for 2023 to help create awareness of your brand or company.


What are Location Based Marketing Campaigns


Location-based marketing is the process of targeting specific customers or potential customers with messages that are relevant to their current location. Location based marketing campaigns are an effective way to engage consumers and drive them to a particular store. By focusing on the interests and behaviours of consumers associated with particular places (locations). Generally, marketing campaigns are designed to increase awareness and bring in new business.

The idea behind this is to provide consumers with tips and tricks in the most appropriate way. Consumers can check out these messages through their smartphones (that have GPS), which makes it easy for them to get ideas on how they could improve their lives by using products offered by particular brands or companies.


Benefits of Using Location-Based Marketing for Your Business


Location based marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy that utilises mobile marketing activities and collaterals to market products and services at the right place and right time. This form of marketing is used by businesses across all industries, locations, and time zones. One can also use location based marketing to ensure sales while engaging customers in an interactive manner. Here are some of the biggest benefits of location-based marketing:

  • Reached Potential Customers – The best benefit will be the ability to reach the right audience with the right message. When one attracts clients before they are ready to make a purchase, one can also save time and money. However, your location based marketing campaign has to be part of a total marketing plan to ensure that you reach your audience. It is something that businesses should take seriously if they haven’t already. According to recent data, customers who participated in location-based marketing were more easily able to recall the brand and its associated messaging, indicating that businesses should adopt this type of marketing strategy on a larger scale.

  • Boost Sales Using Marketing Tool – Location based marketing is a very powerful marketing tool that can if done right, significantly boost sales. It is critical to business success in today’s social media world. As long as you implement your geo-targeted campaign with a plan, you’ll find that it’s a cost-effective and time-saving option for local business marketing. Use Sekel Tech’s location-based marketing tool to create a campaign that will work for your venture and make sure that your efforts are well executed if you want to benefit from location-based marketing.

  • You’ve Got to Get Creative – Most marketers think entering a location is the key trigger for delivering location-based marketing content to mobile users. Location-based content will also produce some of your best results. Think creatively about how you can reach customers at other points in their journey, such as when they are in one area of the store or on their way out.

  • Turn Data into Smart Marketing Strategies – It is extremely beneficial to set up a location-based marketing campaign. In contrast to traditional advertising methods such as TV, radio, newspapers, and flyers, your campaign is more likely to reach users even if they aren’t actively seeking information about your business. Additionally, it saves you money with word-of-mouth advertising and improves customer engagement. In order to target potential consumers, Sekel Tech helps clients leverage data. Ultimately, data is only as good as its actionable insight also helps you turn data into smart marketing strategies.


Tips for Including Location-based Marketing in Your Business


Location-based marketing is an effective way to reach potential customers who are near you. There are many ways to incorporate location-based marketing in your business. You can use it for advertising, offering special deals, or creating a campaign that will run in the area where you want to target your audience. By following the tips for implementing location-based marketing campaigns, you’re sure to connect with your target audience.

  • Implement Local Organic Discovery Strategy – With the Google My Business tool, Sekel Tech helps you connect with local customers. By doing so, you can take advantage of organic traffic from local organic discovery. Also, This tool helps you create dynamic location-specific content on your website, encourage your customers to give you reviews, and optimise your listing on Google My Business to improve your local organic discovery. Organic discovery strategies can benefit all types of businesses by increasing their chances of attracting new customers.

  • Get Testimonials and Reviews – Testimonials and reviews can help you earn your customers’ trust. Sekel Tech’s review management services update all the reviews. As this can easily backfire, you should also not pay for reviews. Alternatively, you could offer them a freebie or discount in exchange for their feedback. Your business will receive positive reviews if you offer freebies and discounts to your customers.

  • Utilise Social Media to its Full Potential – One of the most popular ways of using location-based marketing is through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. You can set up a geo-targeted ad that will only show up on people’s feeds if they are near your store or service area. Additionally, you should ensure that your social media content will be interesting to your followers.

  • Make your Marketing Location-based – Location-based marketing plays an important role in business marketing. It’s about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time that makes a marketing strategy effective. You will have a hard time getting your brand noticed if you don’t know where your target audience is. Sekel Tech’s location-based marketing platform helps to Increase foot traffic to your physical location and allows customers to find you online has great potential. Doing so will make your marketing more effective and your campaigns will speak to the right people.


Best Examples of Location-based Marketing Campaigns for 2023


Today, consumers are increasingly comfortable sharing their location as wearables and mobile devices become more sophisticated as we discussed earlier. Location-based marketing apps and tools enable forward-thinking brands to take advantage of this through geotargeting and other location-based tactics. A few examples of such innovative brands are listed below:

1. Bridgestone – Bridgestone’s Leveraged Location-based Marketing to Increase Brand Loyalty


Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone is one of the best location-based marketing examples. The company wanted to promote its multi-brand outlet. The company has a large number of outlets in India and wanted to test out location-based marketing for all of them. A location-based marketing tool from Sekel Tech is used to achieve great results. Using this tool, Bridgestone targeted people in the store’s surroundings by running Location based marketing campaigns. With this, Bridgestone was able to increase brand loyalty.

2. Haldiram – The Impact of the Location-based Marketing Tool on Haldiram’s Sales Conversions.

With the help of location-based marketing company Sekel Tech, Haldiram increased sales conversion rates for its store last year, wooing potential customers away from competitors. With Sekel Tech, Haldiram runs a location based marketing campaign around several store locations and targets ads and special offers to passing mobile users. Additionally, Haldiram used Sekel Tech’s location-based marketing tools to target ads at shoppers near competing grocery stores, incentivizing them to go a little further for better deals. Haldiram achieved a high conversion rate of sales.

3. Blackberry – Blackberry Creates a Perfect Cross-channel Experience.

Blackberry can connect its cross-channel experiences in real time with Sekel Tech’s location-based marketing platform. Blackberry can send instant messages to its consumers at the right time and interact with them. The use of location-based marketing campaigns in retail is extremely useful for creating coherent customer journeys. With Sekel Tech’s location-driven triggers, Blackberry can create an omnipresent experience. It is also much easier to connect different behaviours and consumers for Blackberry. Customers who follow different paths are linked together in a standardised acquisition flow.

4. VLCC – VLCC Meet the Needs of On-the-Go Consumers.

VLCC uses Sekel Tech’s location-based marketing tools to attract shoppers at the right time to their retail outlets. Connecting with consumers who are always on the go is a challenge. Using Sekel Tech’s location-based marketing tool, VLCC can reach these customers. With this tool, customers can receive real-time push notifications, alerts, and emails. Customers can also receive in-store validations and offers when they walk into a retail location. By connecting with customers at times when they are most likely to respond, VLCC builds relationships with them. As retailers VLCC develop customised user journeys, they find many opportunities for retargeting. VLCC Retargeting opportunities are easily targeted by using real-time triggers.

5. Gulf-Oil – Increase Store Traffic with Location-Based Marketing.

Gulf-Oil uses Sekel Tech’s all-in-one tool to engage local foot traffic and direct crowds straight to a store based on their location. In addition to providing compelling, engaging information about Gulf-oil’s convenience and offer to nearby customers, the Sekel Tech tool helps Gulf-oil demonstrate the added value of an in-store visit. Sekel Tech’s location-based marketing strategy helps Gulf-Oil to better understand current customers and attract new ones. Gulf-Oil has met or nearly exceeded its visitation goals through confidently building campaigns.




The key to success for any location based marketing campaign is to make it as tailored to potential customers’ interests as possible. The more hyper-local the advertising, the more relevant and attention-grabbing it will be. If you are planning on launching a location-based marketing campaign, there are many things that you should keep in mind. This will ensure that your campaign runs smoothly, and helps create awareness of your brand or company.


Take Advantage Of Sekel Tech’s Location-based Marketing Campaign


There are innumerable opportunities afforded by the Internet revolution, and with them, the tools to take advantage of those opportunities. A significant advantage of targeted marketing is the ability to deliver individualised messages to specific groups of people. Sekel Tech is a location based marketing India that has a number of location-based marketing tools that can help businesses better connect with their customers.

Sekel Tech’s location-based marketing campaigns help to provide flexibility and enhance any brand’s engagement by offering special deals, events, and visibility at locations where consumers are most likely to take advantage. Also, Sekel Tech’s Location Based Marketing Platforms can help businesses gain a competitive advantage by pinpointing the precise location of their customers, through the use of GPS technology. This can lead to delivering interactive ads and other relevant digital marketing that fits within your brand’s messaging and offers.