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Real-Time Analytics Can Help Businesses to Grow Faster

Real-time analytics fuel rapid business growth, driving informed decisions
and seizing opportunities.

Cost-Effective Sophisticated Tools In Industry

Designed to help in making a difference.

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Identifying drop-offs with a comprehensive funnel analysis across key touch points.

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Discover the chain of events that leads to a specific result.

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Cohort enables you to understand how many customers are active users in a particular time period.

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Live Analytics

Detailed Reporting gives unique visualisation to place real-time marketing data at your fingertips.

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Discover the reasons why users uninstall and optimise your user engagement strategies to keep them.

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Analyze user behavior based on demographics, behavior, and preferences to refine your strategies.

Take Neighbourhoods Experience to the Next Level

Optimize Your Sales Funnel to Increase Conversions

With event-based funnel tracking capabilities, you can eliminate bottlenecks and increase conversions in sales and multichannel marketing.

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Customer Journey Visualization for Your Brand

Identify customer touch points, map out a complete customer journey and optimize the customer experience to achieve desired Business Outcomes.

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Use Cohort to Improve Customer Retention

Cohorts help you to get better at re-engagement and analyses the product during the customer journey on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to boost customer retention.

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Customer Insights and Campaign Performance in Real-Time

Use Campaigns priority wise for high-priority reporting. Run reports to analyze campaign performance and optimism in real-time or for future campaigns.

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