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Security & Compliance

No need to worry about hosting or scaling.

Your Data is Secure and Backed Up on a Cloud Infrastructure.

Partnered with Trusted Vendors Like AWS and Google Cloud.

Data Encryption and User Behaviour Analysis Enhances Security

A proven track record of building scalable solutions.

Provide visibility & security insights

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A strategic approach to security

How Do You Lead Enterprise Security?

Empower your organization with Sekel’s secure, high-performance, and efficient infrastructure built on cloud-agnostic systems. Drive optimal security posture through our tailored strategic benefits.

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SSO Login

SSO login streamlines access with one set of credentials for all systems. Simplify login processes with SSO.

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2-Factor Authorization

2-factor authorization adds extra security by requiring a second step to verify your identity. It's an extra layer of protection for your accounts.

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Data Encryption

Data encryption secures your information by turning it into a code that's unreadable without the right key, ensuring your privacy and security.

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Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect web applications from exploits and attacks

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A Privacy-First Approach To Analytics Is Essential For Brands

With Sekel Tech, you can manage data governance right from the start, without disrupting your current compliance processes.

GDPR Compliance and Data Security: Your Privacy Assured

We prioritize your data privacy with GDPR compliance, transparent opt-out options,
robust security measures, trusted third-party processors, employee training, and
proactive incident response for your confidence.


Consent and Opt-Out

Individuals have the right to opt out of data processing activities, providing transparency and control over their personal data.


Employee Training

Comprehensive employee training ensures that the workforce is well-versed in GDPR protocols and data protection best practices.


Third-Party Processors

The company engages trusted third-party processors with individual data processing agreements to ensure GDPR compliance.


Data Security Measures

Sekel Tech implements robust security measures, including role-based access control, data encryption, and data backup procedures, to safeguard personal data.


Incident Response

Activity logs are maintained to monitor user actions, and in the event of an incident, appropriate actions are taken to rectify the situation.


Transparency and Accountability

Transparent data processing practices, providing individuals with insight into how their data is used and ensuring accountability for data handling, trust & compliance.

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