Sekel Tech is going beyond!  Something new is coming soon. 🎉
Sekel Tech is going beyond!  Something new is coming soon. 🎉
Sekel Tech is going beyond!  Something new is coming soon. 🎉

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Listing Management

Maximise Your Hyperlocal Reach!

Sekel Tech offers Dynamic Listing Management (DLM), a powerful solution that helps businesses manage and update their online listings.

DLM optimises online presence, attracts more customers, and improves marketing efforts.

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Benefits of Dynamic Hyperlocal Listing Management

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Enhanced SEO Ranking

Accurate listings improve search engine visibility, attracting more customers.

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Increased Conversion Rate

Strong online presence generates more leads and sales.

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Higher Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Reliable listings increase visibility, leading to more clicks.

Ways to Leverage

Dynamic Hyperlocal Listing Management

Manage Listings Across Platforms

Expand reach by creating & managing listings on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, & Bing Places.

Keep Listings Updated

Ensure accurate information for potential customers.

Target Specific Audiences

Focus marketing efforts on local searchers or those interested in specific products or services.

Dynamic Hyperlocal

Listing Management for Various Business Types

Brands' Own Stores

Optimize visibility for your physical store.

Exclusive Outlets/Franchise

Drive foot traffic and boost sales at exclusive locations.

Multibrand Outlets

Capture customers' attention at multi-brand retail outlets.

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Enhance your brand's presence within larger retail environments.

Neighbourhood Shops

Engage with local communities through targeted marketing campaigns.

Online + Offline

Create a seamless customer journey between online and offline experiences

Unlock the power of hyperlocal marketing with Dynamic Hyperlocal Listing Management and elevate your business growth.

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