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Makes Shopping, Easy and Secure

Shop-in-Shop is a retail concept where a designated section within a larger store is
dedicated to showcasing and selling products from a specific brand or company.

Create a Robust Data-Driven Culture

We’ve got an all-in-one automation marketing tool to help
you move the needle to better retention for you.

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Collect Data

Consolidate data from different sources into an unified view and track Customer behaviour in real time.

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Unify Profiles

Build a 360-view of your customer’s journey and insights at one place.

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Protect Data

Specific security roles to access control and real-time alerts.


CDP a Power for Customer
360 Strategy

Using data to create strategies for effective marketing campaigns? We're here to assist you in becoming a data-driven marketer.

  • User Attributes
  • Acquisition Channels
  • Channel Reachability
  • User Events
  • Device Technology
  • Geolocation
  • Take Shop-in-Shop Experience to the Next Level

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    Eliminates Data Silos and Prevent Your Customer Data

    Application-based data integration from different sources and building a single source of truth (SSOT) for your customer data.

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    Create a Real-Time Customer Profile

    Create a single, dynamic view of each customer in real-time and deliver hyper-personalised user experiences through a 360-degree view of your customer interactions.

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    Customer Data Protection and Privacy Regulations Worldwide

    Now available on mobile, with the same performance and ease of use. Increase local-level adoption with push notifications.

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