Sekel Tech is going beyond!  Something new is coming soon. 🎉
Sekel Tech is going beyond!  Something new is coming soon. 🎉
Sekel Tech is going beyond!  Something new is coming soon. 🎉

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Store Locator

Find Your Nearest Store with Ease!

Sekel Tech’s Dynamic Hyperlocal Store Locator is a powerful software application designed to effortlessly manage store locations and provide real-time information to customers.

With essential details like addresses, operating hours, contact information, and offerings, this tool enhances the customer experience, drives sales, and boosts search engine rankings. By providing accurate information, it attracts more foot traffic, giving businesses a competitive edge in the market.

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Benefits of Dynamic Hyperlocal Store Locator

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Improved Customer Experience

Our dynamic store locator ensures a convenient and seamless experience for customers to find their nearest store.

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Increased Sales

Drive customer visits and increase sales with our dynamic store locator.

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Improved Search Engine Ranking

Boost online visibility and organic traffic with our dynamic store locator, improving search engine rankings.

Ways to Leverage

Dynamic Hyperlocal Store Locator

Integrate with Website

Integrate our dynamic store locator with your website to enable customers to easily find your nearest store.

Use in Marketing Campaigns

Promote your stores & encourage customer visits by incorporating our dynamic store locator into your marketing campaigns.

Track Customer Behaviour

Gain insights into customer behaviour by tracking how customers use our dynamic store locator, allowing you to improve the customer experience and drive sales.

Dynamic Hyperlocal

Store Locator for Various Business Types

Brands' Own Stores

Enable customers to easily locate your brand's dedicated stores for a seamless shopping experience.

Exclusive Outlets/Franchise

Guide customers to exclusive outlets or franchise locations, increasing foot traffic and sales.

Multibrand Outlets

Assist customers in finding stores that offer a variety of brands, catering to their diverse preferences.

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Drive customers to specialised sections within larger stores, ensuring they can easily locate specific products or brands.

Neighbourhood Shops

Enhance the hyperlocal shopping experience by directing customers to stores within their immediate vicinity.

Online + Offline

Bridge the gap between online & offline shopping by guiding customers to physical stores alongside your online presence.

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