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Best Location-Based Marketing Platforms for Brands in 2023


Location-based marketing platforms enable marketers to create personalized, segmented, and timely marketing experiences for prospects and clients. By providing a centralized database of marketing information and interactions, these platforms help businesses to increase foot traffic, engagement, and sales.

Online research is the number one thing that people do before visiting a store. Customers read reviews, check local business listings, find out when your business is open, and use social media to learn more about your business. Thus, a customer will search online before coming to your store. If your locations do not show up, someone else will show up, and they’ll get the business.

Not to say branding doesn’t matter, but local marketing has the benefit of interfacing with, engaging, and enticing local consumers. Making your marketing strategy local will ensure consumers can find your business when they are searching for businesses like yours. Also, it can help you build an audience of loyal local consumers who are interested in your brand.

This post explains what a location-based marketing platform is, its benefits, and features, as well as the best five location-based marketing platforms that have helped brands become successful marketers.


What is the Best Location-Based Marketing Platform


A location-based marketing platform can assist your business in creating location-based campaigns that drive engagement and conversions. This platform targets consumers through location data by considering factors like their proximity to a store, nearby events, and more. Customers view location marketing as an effective platform across their entire lifecycle – from discovery and purchase to engagement and retention. The location-based marketing is viral because it allows marketers to provide their clients with relevant and personalized offers and messages.

This is a technique that utilizes location data to identify a competitor’s customers. By using this data, you can then promote a competing and compelling offer to the target audience. This is achieved by using a mobile location service.

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Benefits and Features of a Location-Based Marketing Platform


One of the goals of a marketing solution is to help clients find better and more cost-effective ways to increase their customer base. There’s a good chance you use location-based marketing as part of your offering, or maybe you’re looking to incorporate it. 

The following section outlines four key benefits of location-based marketing platforms

Location-based marketing platform

  1. Better Understanding Of Customers

    With location-based marketing technology, businesses and marketing teams can get a deeper understanding of their customers. Marketers receive large amounts of valuable information when customers opt-in to sharing personal information. Data from this source can be used to personalize and customize every user’s experience. Demographics, behavior, and engagement are some of the most important customer data.

  1. Connect your Offline Business to your Online Presence 

    Your customers will be able to find you on social media if you use location-based marketing technology. In essence, it serves as a way for you to connect with your online identity and share information about yourself. 

  1. Brand Favorability & Awareness are Boosted

    In general, the more location-based marketing technology a business uses, the more likely it is that locals will recognize its name. Businesses can benefit greatly from brand recognition alone. In the past, brand awareness has been achieved through logos, slogans, and jingles. Instead of using traditional advertising methods to increase brand awareness, location-based marketing uses unique promotions and offers to do so.

  1. High-Quality Content can be created more easily 

    If you wish to improve your marketing success, producing high-quality content will always be imperative. Content that is cast widely is less likely to resonate with so many different audiences, from so many different locations, when geofencing is used. When location-based marketing platforms are used, more targeted content is produced.


Best Location-Based Marketing Platforms


  1. Sekel Tech 

    Sekel Tech is a location-based marketing platform that offers tools to manage brands’ online presence, store orders, and consumers’ journeys from online to offline. To bridge the online-offline consumer experience and seamlessly integrate the physical and digital worlds, it provides a suite of simple-to-use, rich content generation, and distribution tools via a single SaaS platform.

    The platform helps them respond and engage meaningfully, ensuring accuracy, speed, and scale. Through its multidirectional insight and data gathering approach, brands are able to gather actionable insights and deliver them to their customers. This platform is a suite of marketing tools that provides sophisticated, highly accurate geofencing, which enables content and customer engagement at specific locations and times.

    As a result, it is designed to drive sales. It is used to raise brand awareness, drive website and in-store traffic, and increase sales. It helps to build detailed profiles of customers, better understand their behavior, and to increase sales and revenue.

    This platform includes many features such as automated Local SEO, Micro fulfillment Q-commerce, Brand control & visibility, Store & local analytics, CRM, Inventory & ePOS integration. 

  1. SeedLogix 

    The Seedlogix inbound marketing platform serves as an all-in-one web marketing, inbound marketing, and reporting solution for businesses with multiple locations. The software was developed to simplify content management, marketing automation tools, and reporting across a wide range of locations, channels, and customers.

    A few of the features include Responsive Multi-Site CMSs, Content Blogging Platforms, Landing Pages, Lead Generation Forms, Email Marketing, Social Media Scheduling, Contact Manager, Lead Nurturing, Aggregated Web Analytics, SERP Rankings, and Call Recording and Tracking.

    The platform is designed for business owners, marketers, SEOs, marketing service providers, multi-location enterprises, franchisors, manufacturers, and agent-based firms.

    SeedLogix provides end-to-end solutions for Web App development. At one location, this Marketing Automation platform offers Search Marketing, Analytics/ROI Tracking, Segmentation, Social Marketing, and Drip Campaigns.

  1. PlaceIQ 

    PlaceIQ provides location data, analytics, and insights to power critical business and marketing decisions. It builds brand awareness and improves ROI.

    It helps marketers make their advertising more relevant to consumers by providing them with aggregated insights. This company drives the market’s evolution of best practices that support the right of consumers to notice, choose, and be transparent.

    With PlaceIQ, businesses can connect with location-based audiences, measuring real-world ROI, and apply insights to create smart marketing and successful business outcomes. To build a persistent and robust picture of consumers, PlaceIQ combines auto telematics data with purchase data.

    PlaceIQ is the pioneer in delivering powerful, location-based insights, attribution, and measurement to marketers, analysts, and publishers. Its approach allows companies to understand and connect with location-based audiences, measure ROI in real-time, and apply insights to drive intelligent marketing and successful business outcomes.

    This platform includes many features such as leveraging location data to implement audience strategies with proven results, measuring foot traffic patterns to determine what drives real-world visits, analyzing movement patterns to find market insights and informing complex decisions, and accessing the highest-quality location data through subscriptions.

  1. ReviewTrackers 

    ReviewsTrackers is a customer feedback platform that is used to measure and transform the customer experience. It helps businesses gain actionable insights about their customers thanks to its online reputation management software.

    This location-based marketing technology allows marketers to make advertising more relevant to consumers while maintaining a sense of respect for consumers through aggregated insights. Their industry is recognized as a thought leader and it supports the evolution of best practices that preserve consumers’ rights to notice, choice, and transparency. 

  1. BrightLocal

     BrightLocal is a local SEO platform aimed at helping marketing agencies and in-house marketers succeed. By using BrightLocal, users will rank higher, improve their reputation, and attract more visitors. Through its location-based marketing technology for local search, BrightLocal helps over 5,000 innovative agencies and brands improve their local search visibility. With BrightLocal’s SEO Audits and Reports, Local Listing Service, and Online Reputation Management solutions, these companies can achieve these goals. It integrates with third-party platforms such as Google Analytics, Twitter, AgencyAnalytics, and more.

    With BrightLocal users can integrate Google Local, Facebook, and Twitter, and receive review alerts for user-generated mentions online. It also includes brick-and-mortar marketing features such as mobile search rankings, maps, and review alerts for brick-and-mortar marketing.

    Location-based marketing platform

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What is Social Location-Based Marketing?

    Social location-based marketing is a type of marketing that uses a person’s physical location and social media to deliver personalized and relevant content.

  • What are Location-Based Mobile Marketing Examples?

    Examples of location-based mobile marketing include geofencing, beacon technology, and location-based notifications.

  • How Many Types of Location-Based Marketing?

    There are three types of location-based marketing: proximity marketing, geo-targeting, and hyperlocal marketing.

  • Why Location-Based Services are Important?

    Location-based services are important because they allow businesses to reach their target audience in a more personalized and relevant way, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.

  • How is Location-Based Data Used?

    Location-based data is used to provide insights into consumer behavior and preferences, target specific audiences, and improve the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

    Want to read more About location based marketing , check out this informative article here  by Zafar Rais Entrepreneur India.




Location-based marketing platforms enable businesses to achieve strategic and sustainable growth by automating, customizing, and improving visibility into data across all digital touchpoints.

No matter whether you are a small business, an enterprise, or a brand, there are plenty of ways you can promote your location(s) and attract more customers! Your multi-location business can benefit from our location-based marketing technology if you go with us.

Working with us will ensure that we will take care of your business as if it were our own and that you can rest assured we will have the expertise and experience to handle your business effectively.

Take Advantage of Sekel Tech’s Location-Based Marketing Platform


Location-based Marketing platforms can only add value to your business if you have a well-defined strategy behind them.

A local SEO campaign is also the best way for businesses to maximize resources, analyze analytics, and boost local SEO. However, choosing the right platform is crucial. Among everything on this list, Sekel Tech is the best location-based marketing platform for brands in 2023.

With Sekel Tech, you can speed up buyer journeys, capture prospect data over time, and boost your online ROI as you funnel more leads to your best-performing locations, all while increasing your online ROI.

The right location-based marketing technology can help businesses to implement an omnichannel growth strategy while keeping contextual and personalized customer engagement at its core.


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