How Location Based Marketing Apps Increase Footfall & ROI

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Location Based Marketing Apps

Location based marketing apps are software programs that give businesses a way to reach potential customers by using the location of these people. In addition, they offer a range of features, such as coupons, discounts, or exclusive offers.

Location based marketing apps are becoming more popular as businesses look for ways to make use of the data they have. This can be used to create more customised marketing products that lead to higher conversion rates and help enhance customer loyalty. Businesses have adopted location based marketing (LBM), through apps and geofencing, in an attempt to connect with their customers and enhance the customer experience.

Location based marketing apps use the location of the user to provide them with marketing messages. These messages can be for a specific store, for a certain product, or even for every store in their area. With this technology, marketers have more opportunities to reach out and connect with potential customers.

Businesses can also use these apps to get feedback from customers and improve their products or services based on this feedback. This is especially valuable for small businesses that don’t have enough resources to spend on market research and customer surveys.

Location based marketing apps are a powerful tool for businesses. It has the potential of helping to increase footfall, boosting conversion and ROI. In this article, we will walk you through some of the best instances where location-based marketing has helped drive conversions by providing actionable insights.


Benefits of Location based Marketing Apps


Location-based marketing apps are a great way to reach out to customers and potential customers. Location-based marketing apps offer the following benefits:

  • Provide Accurate and Timely Services : By leveraging location data, organisations can provide accurate and timely solutions. It helps build customer loyalty. As an example, Ola has benefited tremendously from GPS technology since it allows it to determine the exact location of riders requesting rides.

  • Real-time Updates and Information : Provides real-time updates and information to keep users and businesses informed by sending real-time alerts of events.

  • Provide a better experience for customers : Instead of annoying customers with generic ads and marketing offers, you can offer them relevant content and services with LBS. It would also be helpful if you could direct them to the nearest store location. Your best customers can be identified and rewarded by tracking regular check-ins and offering loyalty programs.

  • Gain insight into customer behaviour : You can use location-based services to understand how many people visit your business when they visit, and whether they take advantage of your offers.

  • Search and Suggestions : Businesses can use location data to analyse customer behaviour and provide valuable tips and discounts for their customers.


Must-Have Features In Location Based Marketing Apps


Location-based marketing apps are a great way to reach out to customers and provide them with the information they need. These apps can be used for various purposes such as providing information about the store, coupons, deals, and more.

Some of the must-have features in location-based marketing apps are:

  • Push notifications : Push notifications are a great way to keep customers engaged with your app. They can be used for various purposes such as sending out coupons or deals.


  • Location tracking : Location tracking is a feature that allows you to track where your customer is located at any given time. This feature is especially useful if you want to send them coupons or deals based on their location.


  • Geofencing : Geofencing is a feature that allows you to create virtual boundaries around your store or business location. This feature can be used for various purposes such as sending push notifications when someone enters the area or when they leave it.


  • Personalised Suggestions : Sending personalised suggestions is a great feature. Based on the user’s profile, interests, and whom they follow, the app can send personalised suggestions about local events, news, or other topics.


  • Location-based AR (augmented reality) : Through the use of augmented reality, GPS, location sensors, and geospatial data techniques, we will be able to connect to our physical space and move through it in a more seamless and intuitive manner. A location-based marketing platform will be a game-changer for sharing data, images, and other content.


Key Roles Played By Location Based Marketing Apps


  • Integrated business process management : ERP, CRM, and other traditionally desktop-based applications have been made mobile-ready and integrated with location based marketing apps to enable comprehensive control from anywhere with just a few taps of the screen. By automating mobile apps, human errors have been reduced to a minimum.

  • A customer-centric approach to omnichannel shopping : Through mobile apps, retail enterprises and businesses that interact directly with customers can offer seamless customer interactions across multiple channels, storefronts, and interfaces.

  • Analytical and decision-making intelligence : With cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, location-based marketing analytics apps can improve decision-making. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable personalised experiences tailored to specific audiences.


Location-Based Marketing: How To Leverage It


  • Increasing Footfalls – Ultimately, location-based marketing is a strategy to increase footfall into your store. When people are inside your store, it is easier for them to buy, so an increase in footfall leads to an increase in conversion. By utilising clever and well-timed campaigns that convey a clear message about discounts and offers, you can increase foot traffic. It is sure to get the attention of your target audience when this message appears on their smartphones. Your store will attract more customers as a result. With location-based marketing, you can increase foot traffic to your store without spending a lot of money. As a result of lower marketing costs, your marketing ROI is also improved.

  • Enhance User Experience – Using location-based marketing, you can offer personalised messages to your customers or at least something that is relevant to them based on where they are. By ensuring your potential customers aren’t forced to interact with irrelevant marketing messages, personalization can be an excellent way to enhance the overall user experience. Brands should know their customers and tailor the marketing message to suit their individual preferences. In other words, how you present your marketing message to them greatly impacts how they experience and interact with your company. With location-based marketing, you can keep track of your customers’ movements and purchase behaviour to understand them better.

  • Identify And Collect Insights From Data – Marketing relies heavily on data. Without enough information about your target audience, your business cannot succeed in selling to them. Location-based marketing analytics is highly valuable for collecting relevant customer data because of its holistic nature. You can use this strategy to gather important customer information, such as their age, food preferences, favourite places, and travel patterns. In addition, you can present the right message to customers. These insights can help you increase footfall and boost returns on your marketing campaigns since you know exactly how to package them.




There’s no doubt that a location based marketing app is a powerful tool for increasing footfall and return on investment for businesses. Integrating a location based marketing app into your existing marketing strategy is a quick and cost-effective way of transforming your business. The app can be utilised on your website, placed on your mobile site, or downloaded directly from the app store. However you choose to market with your app, it will improve ROI for your business.


Increase Your Footfall & ROI with Sekel Tech’s Location-based Marketing


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The app has been designed for the purpose of increasing the footfall of a business by providing them with an opportunity to reach out to customers nearby. The app also provides businesses with an opportunity to promote their products and services in order to increase their ROI. You are able to track the success of marketing spending due to this method, as footfall and in-store sales can be monitored. Engaging with customers in real-time is an advantage of this type of marketing, especially compared to traditional marketing like newspaper ads, mailers, or brochures. The increase in visibility means an increase in brand awareness for your company, which further benefits your business in the future.

In short, more businesses are starting to adopt location-based marketing apps, and as long as they remain effective and relevant, we can expect this trend to continue into the future. Try our location based marketing app today!