Top 15 Digital Commerce Marketing Strategies That Converts

Thu, 06 Oct 2022 07:29:16 GMT


Digital commerce marketing strategy is defined as a step-by-step process for generating brand awareness by attracting traffic to your brand with marketing approaches and nurturing those leads to increase conversions and revenues for your brand.

There is a current challenge that brands face in catching potential customers’ attention during their entire customer journey, focusing their marketing efforts on the right target audience, and delighting them once a customer completes the purchase process.

We explore the most comprehensive guide which is useful to brands that are struggling to optimize their digital marketing efforts, drive sales, and improve customer retention. Learn everything you need to know about digital commerce marketing strategy.


What is Digital Commerce Marketing


Digital commerce marketing also known as online marketing is a practice that uses a variety of strategies to involve driving traffic to your online store, converting it into paying customers, and retaining them after the sale. A comprehensive digital commerce marketing strategy encompasses both on-site and off-site marketing tactics. In a digital commerce strategy, you outline how you will promote your online store and increase sales. The strategy determines the long-term direction of your digital commerce business. It depends on your knowledge of the market, trends, consumer research, brand values, and product.


Top 15 Digital Commerce Marketing Strategies


Take a look at the following digital commerce marketing strategies you can use to achieve your conversion and sales goals.

  • Build an Effective Brand Identity – The strength and effectiveness of your brand can make your business more successful, and can even determine where your business stands among competitors. For this reason, creating a strong brand identity is extremely important for your business. The importance of building a strong brand identity for your business can be attributed to several factors such as – Personality, Consistency, Differentiating, Awareness, and Loyalty. With Sekel Tech, you can better understand your brand and build your brand identity. You can create an effective brand identity by considering the current characteristics and personality of your brand.

  • Make Your Website Mobile-friendly – The use of mobile devices has increased dramatically in the last few years. This is especially true for millennials and young adults, who are more likely to own a smartphone than a laptop. As this trend continues, the importance of having a mobile-friendly website becomes more and more apparent. In fact, Google announced that they will be penalizing sites in search results if they are not mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly websites can help you increase your sales and grow your business. The easiest way to do this is by making sure that your site is optimized for both smartphones and tablets.

  • Create Hyperlocal Content – The goal of content marketing is to create valuable and relevant content based on the target market’s needs. Through content marketing, you can build trust with consumers and establish your brand as a leader in your industry. The more valuable your content is, the more likely it is to nurture a solid customer base. It’s easy to build a relationship by creating content your audience will enjoy. Content marketing can be used as part of a broader SEO strategy, it generates brand authority and trust, and it can generate leads as well. In order to attract people to your website or blog, you need to post content that’s relevant to your area. With Sekel Tech’s content marketing platform, you will get more views, traffic, and links back to your site, which can also help you to gain a larger audience.

  • Boost Your Organic Discovery Efforts – The organic discovery strategy improves a website’s search engine rankings. There are so many websites on the web that ranking in search engine results takes a lot of time and effort. As a result, organic discovery helps drive organic traffic to your online store, increasing sales and conversions. Your website should be optimized for organic search traffic as a key marketing strategy. Searching for products online is typically done on Google. The majority of product searches (46% of all product searches) begin with Google. At Sekel Tech, we specialize in organic discovery, which means you can get free, organic search results from Google that lead people to your website. If you want to increase your company’s search rankings and overall online visibility, we are here to help you with an effective organic discovery idea and organic discovery Strategies.

  • Focus on Your Organic Growth – One of the most important aspects of digital commerce is to focus on your organic growth. This includes developing a long-term strategy that will provide you with a sustainable advantage in the marketplace. Organic growth occurs when new clients are added or existing clients are re-engaged. Essentially, it involves expanding your business from within using the skills, knowledge, experience, relationships, and other resources you have. An organic growth strategy is a key to your business’s long-term success. Compared to paid advertising, organic marketing continues to compound in stark contrast to PPC. In the world of paid, revenue disappears once you stop spending money on it.

  • Create a Great Buyer Experience Through Personalization – The buyer experience is the most important aspect of any digital commerce strategy. The customer journey is a multidimensional process that starts with the first impression, continues through the purchase, and ends with the post-purchase experience. A good customer experience starts by understanding how your customers interact with your brand during their buying process. It means understanding what they need when they need it, and how you can better serve them in order to make them come back for more. The buyer experience is everything. It’s the first impression that a customer has of your brand, and it can make or break a sale.
    A recent study found that 86% of customers will abandon their shopping cart if they don’t find the information they need to complete their purchase. Personalizing your content to each customer’s specific needs is key to creating a great experience for them. This will allow you to tailor your messaging and products based on what they’re looking for. Sekel Tech’s platform allows organizations to personalize experiences and communications, deliver relevant engagements, and optimize customer journeys seamlessly.

  • Use Location-based Marketing – Location-based marketing is a digital commerce strategy that is used by marketers to reach out to consumers in their vicinity. The idea behind this strategy is to target consumers who are close by and have an interest in the product or service being offered. With Sekel Tech’s location-based marketing, you can target potential customers based on their location. Using location-based marketing, Sekel Tech sends relevant information to mobile users based on their location. By analyzing and determining where their users are, they can target them accordingly. Sekel Tech helps you to reach your target audience in an easy, secure, and consistent way.

  • Use Omni-channel Marketing – Omni-channel marketing is the latest trend in digital commerce. It is a marketing strategy that utilizes all channels of digital communication to reach out to customers and make them feel like they are the most important person. The term Omni-channel comes from the Latin word “omnipotent” which means all-powerful. The definition of Omni-channel marketing is “a company that has integrated its online, mobile, and offline customer touch points for a more personalized experience”. Sekel Tech’s Omni-channel Marketing integrates the various channels of digital commerce to provide a seamless customer experience. It is a marketing approach that focuses on the entire customer journey, from awareness to purchase.

  • Retarget and Re-engage Your Online Store Visitors – Retargeting and re-engaging customers is one of the most effective ways to keep your brand top of mind for your customers. Retargeting is the process of targeting potential or current customers on websites, apps, social media, or other digital channels they have visited in order to remind them about a product or service they may want to buy. Re-engaging customers is an online marketing strategy that aims at keeping them interested in your product by providing them with more information about it. Retargeting and re-engaging customers are two strategies that can be used together to increase sales and customer loyalty. Sekel Tech’s Dynamic Engagement Commerce platform, as its name implies, helps businesses to engage and retarget customers locally at scale.

  • Use First-Party Data – First-party data is data that a company has collected about its own customers. First-party data (also known as 1P data) is a valuable source of information for marketers. The use of this data can complement, enhance, and reduce the need for other types of data. The data can be used to better understand customer needs and provide a more personalized experience. Companies with first-party data have a competitive advantage over those without it. They are able to better understand the needs of their customers, which leads to more personalized experiences for them. This is especially important in an era where consumers are demanding more personalized experiences from brands.
    Sekel Tech’s automation marketing platforms help marketers in organizing all data from various sources and provide insight into online users. It is easy for Sekel Tech’s automation marketing platforms to integrate first-party data to create a full picture of a customer.

  • Take Advantages of ‘Search Online’ and ‘Buy Offline’ – The trend of “search online and buy offline” is on the rise. This is a marketing strategy that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It enables customers to research products online and then purchase them at physical stores or websites.

This strategy has many benefits such as:

It provides customers with more information about the product they are interested in buying.

It can help retailers to increase their conversion rates as it provides an opportunity for consumers to make a purchase decision before they enter the store or website.

It can also be used by retailers to promote their offline store on their website, which will lead to more traffic for both channels.

With Sekel Tech, businesses can track and engage their customers while they ‘Search Online’ and ‘Buy Offline’ and attribute sales conversions to the correct online campaigns.

  • Manage Social Media Marketing Presence – Social media is an integral part of every marketing strategy in today’s society. A great way to promote your brand and increase exposure is to engage with your target audience, which builds brand trust and loyalty and defines the voice of your brand. Your brand can benefit from social media if you use it effectively. Social media marketing strategies are the best way to promote the products and services of a company. They are also used for building customer relationships. Social media marketing helps in promoting the brand and its services to the targeted audience. It is an effective way to reach out to a wider audience and build a strong customer base. Building relationships with your audience can be enhanced with Sekel Tech’s social media strategies.

  • Implement D2C Marketing Strategies – Direct-to-consumer marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on the consumer. It is a way to communicate with consumers directly, without any other parties involved. Companies use direct-to-consumer marketing to offer products or services directly to consumers, bypassing retailers and wholesalers. This can be done through online stores, phone orders, catalogs, and infomercials. The company can also build customer relationships since customers are more likely to respond when they have direct contact with the company. The Sekel Tech team specializes in everything related to direct-to-consumer marketing.

  • See What Your Competitors are Doing – Competitive intelligence is the process of gathering and analyzing data on competitors to gain a competitive advantage. It is also called competitive analysis, market intelligence, and market research. Tools can be used to track what your competitors are doing in the marketing space. This way you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and see what your competitors are doing for their marketing strategies. This will help you devise better strategies for your own company’s marketing campaigns.

  • Invest in Marketing Automation Platform – Marketing automation is a process that helps you to automate your marketing and sales efforts so that you can focus on the more important tasks. Marketers can use marketing automation to create campaigns and segments, manage leads and track their progress, as well as measure ROI. Marketing automation platforms also enable marketers to run tests on different types of content or promotions in order to identify what works best for their target audience.
    Sekel Tech Marketing automation platforms are the backbone of any digital commerce strategy. Sekel Tech helps you in automating various tasks like lead management, marketing campaigns, outreach, and analytics. It also helps you to manage your customer relationships by providing insights into their behavior.




Digital commerce marketing strategies are one of the most effective ways to market your online store. A digital commerce strategy consists of driving inbound traffic to your brand and nurturing these leads to increase conversions and revenue. There are some general digital commerce trends that work for everyone, but your most effective marketing strategies and tactics will depend on your marketing goals. This article is intended to inspire your digital commerce marketing strategy. Implement these powerful strategies for digital commerce marketing success and see what works for you.


Take Advantages of Sekel Tech’s Digital Commerce Marketing Strategies


Digital commerce marketing is a type of marketing that uses various digital channels to promote products or services. The digital commerce strategy is a modern marketing approach that aims to take advantage of the power of digital and online channels to drive the sales of a business.

Sekel Tech’s digital commerce marketing strategies help to bridge the gap between online and offline. We specialize in helping businesses to grow their online presence. We have a team of experts who are well-versed in digital commerce marketing strategies and can help you with your business needs. Sekel Tech offers services like organic discovery, omnichannel retail marketing, Location-based marketing, Hyperlocal marketing, and more. They also offer d2c fulfilment services for companies who want to take advantage of digital commerce marketing strategies.