Top 5 Ways in Which Digital Commerce Companies Grow Traffic

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Digital commerce companies

Digital commerce companies provide brands with solutions that enable customers to buy goods and services in an engaging, interactive, self-service manner. These tools can be used by brands to put all the ideas we’ve outlined in this blog into practice.

The key to digital commerce success is driving website traffic to your site — otherwise, conversions and analytics do not matter. Few ways of increasing your digital commerce traffic to your website are: Search engine optimization (SEO), influencer marketing, digital marketing and content marketing.

In this article we will cover different strategies that Digital commerce experts use to grow their traffic that you can use to incorporate in your business plan.


What Are Digital Commerce Companies


Cloud-based software and services are sold, distributed and managed by digital commerce companies. These platforms allow the sale of a wide range of products.

As an owner of a digital commerce company, one might have multiple roles. While some tasks will be right up your alley, others will feel completely alien. When you can’t seem to hire an internal specialist or figure it out yourself, it’s often reasonable to hire a Digital commerce expert. This is possible because the company can expand and/or build that business function.

The best Digital Commerce Companies include Sekel Tech, BigCommerce, Wix, WooCommerce, SAP Commerce Cloud, and Shopify.


Benefits of Growing Traffic Through Digital Commerce Company


The ability to connect with the target market at the right time and place has always been essential to a good growth strategy. Today, when screen time is at an all-time high, the best place to meet consumers is online. Companies all across the world are making use of this reality. Some of the benefits of meeting your customers digitally are as of following:

  1. Suitable targeting – Regardless of the audience you plan to target, digital commerce experts extract data to determine which audience is best for your campaign. A variety of methods can be used to target people, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media demographics. Your campaigns will reach the right audience with these enormous targeting options. Additionally, it helps you make changes to campaigns based on customer behaviour changes. Companies can succeed if they can quickly understand their customers’ changing needs.

  2. Higher engagement – Digital commerce businesses benefit greatly from engagement. A high level of engagement in digital marketing is built into the system by default. Your website can be reached by clicking on a paid advertisement, sharing a blog post, like a photo, downloading a video, or saving a link. All of these actions can also be measured.

  3. International reach – A small local business owner can reach an international audience by opening an online store. Due to the geographic limitations of traditional marketing, developing a worldwide marketing strategy is challenging, expensive and labour-intensive. But it’s crucial to remember that businesses involved in internet commerce have a very wide audience.

    Traditionally, this would not be possible or would cost a great deal of money. A variety of growth opportunities have been opened up for businesses as a result of this online accessibility. Businesses might gain from having visibility and a worldwide reach.

  4. Local Reach – Digital marketing agencies can improve local visibility as well as global reach, which is particularly valuable because businesses rely on nearby customers. Local SEO and local advertising can help businesses reach more customers. In comparison to handing out fliers in your neighbourhood, these strategies can help you reach more people.

  5. Lower Price – Digital commerce businesses provide you affordable methods of marketing your company both domestically and abroad. It makes it possible for even the tiniest businesses to compete with bigger ones utilising highly focused methods. Most of these strategies won’t even cost anything at all to start with (such as SEO, social media and content marketing). However, not every form of it is suitable for every business and some may even have more costs than others. A business can find appropriate solutions based on its marketing goals.

  6. Analytical and Optimal Planning – Web analytics, which tracks the effectiveness of these strategies in real-time, is another significant benefit. By doing so, future campaigns can be optimised and potential errors can be rapidly fixed. By analysing your strategies, you can also identify every traffic source and have complete control over your sales funnels.

  7. User friendly and easy to implement – While there are many aspects of digital commerce that you need to learn, it is fairly easy to get started with. It gets more complex with the nature of the goals and the scale of the campaigns. However, it is all a matter of finding the right strategy that works for your business.

  8. Multiple marketing strategies for your business – Different types of businesses can use different digital marketing strategies. If a B2B business wants to gain international leads, its marketing strategy may be completely different from that of a B2C clothing business. A conversion-based ad campaign may work better for some companies than content marketing and SEO. A digital commerce company improves its tactics to change and adapt rapidly as the needs of a business change.


Powerful SEO Strategies That Digital Commerce Companies Use


To engage with brands and boost sales and activities, digital commerce experts employ a range of tactics. It entails creating communication strategies for the organisation multi-channel that target customers both, directly and tangentially. These are the following tactics:

  1. Optimization of the content for particular keywords

    Search is a crucial tool for attracting interested customers to your website because it is the most popular way for both consumers and businesses to learn about new goods and services. This means that through search engine optimization, you must ensure that search engines recognise your website and draw the appropriate audience to it (SEO). Understanding the criteria that search engines use to rank web pages is the first step in maximising your use of search. Relevant keywords should naturally appear in every section of your website—the words that consumers are most likely to type into their search engine to find your good or service. It is important to employ them in headlines, product content, subheads, title tags, meta descriptions, URLs, and picture alt text.

  2. Creating click-worthy, high-quality titles

    Now, if you are in the top 10 search engine results but aren’t receiving any traffic, visitors aren’t clicking on your link. To make your titles more appealing and elicit an emotional response, you might incorporate power words. Use the MonsterInsights headline analyzer tool to check that your headlines contain all the necessary power words. It offers suggestions for improvements and provides fast feedback inside your WordPress editor.

  3. Social media marketing expansion and focus on Facebook and Instagram

    You must be able to put your company in front of your ideal customers if you want to improve internet traffic for your online store. You may design highly targeted campaigns that provide unique advertisements to the customers most likely to click through and buy your products using paid social media marketing.

    Here are some platforms to think about if you’re considering running sponsored social media advertisements:

    Facebook advertisements – You can also show Facebook Dynamic Ads to visitors who have already been to your website, showcasing the items that they have already perused or put in their shopping baskets. To maximise the traffic you are already receiving, you may utilise these effective advertising to entice users to return to your website.

    Instagram advertisements – Instagram is a platform that is extremely popular, especially with Millennials. In fact, it is the ideal solution for companies whose target audiences tend to be younger because 73% of its 500 million monthly active users are between the ages of 15 and 35. Instagram has lately added more capabilities for business owners, and it is swiftly emerging as the social media advertising platform to watch. So, until you use Instagram’s advertising platform, even if you already have a large following, you aren’t truly utilising it to its fullest.

  4. Google AdWords and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing on blog

    Google Adwords is the company’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that enables companies to place bids on keywords in an effort to have their ads appear in Google search results. You only pay for Google Ads when someone clicks on your advertisement to visit your website or give you a call. Additionally, you may change your advertising at any moment to target a certain audience (based on interests, location, etc.) or advertise a particular offer or item. Small businesses that are unable to regularly change their websites to reflect specials, promotions, or seasonal goods might really benefit from this flexibility.

  5. Use internal links to broaden the audience for your blog.

    Internal links reduce the likelihood that a user would visit another website or a search engine again to find the information they need. Longer page sessions and more page views result from this. As long as your CTAs and conversion actions are properly optimised and longer time on page gives the user more chances to convert.




Increasing traffic is the first step toward improving conversions and you must go beyond the fundamentals if you want to elevate your game. To draw more customers to your online store, you should discover innovative ways to use marketing channels.

Including commerce integrations in social media channels or sending out helpful content via email rather than the usual sales-y material.

Additionally, you need to discover fresh traffic-generating channels. Perhaps you haven’t thought about local marketing or guest writing before. Studying your competitors will undoubtedly inspire you to target new avenues. In the end, you must employ cutting-edge and ground-breaking strategies to increase traffic in the fiercely competitive e-commerce environment.


Take Advantage of Sekel Tech Digital Commerce Solution


Constructing a strong website and online store is the first stage of creating a successful digital commerce growth strategy for your website. If the website or business they do visit isn’t up to pace, then all of your work would mean nothing, regardless of how many influencers you work with or how much time you spend on digital marketing campaigns.

You can create a stunning online store with the aid of a digital commerce company like Sekel Tech to support the expansion of your brand and company.