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Detailed Call Insights for Better Conversion Results

About Cut & Style

Cut & Style is one of the finest unisex salon chains in northern India with over 69 salons. This establishment provides various cosmetic treatments and cosmetic services for both men and women. Additionally, it offers professional hair cutting, styling, manicures, pedicures, cosmetics, makeup, and makeovers.


  • Boost store engagement and retention
  • Increase the business revenue and Return On Investment (ROI)
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Increased Sales and Footfall By 3X with Sekel Tech


  • Boost store engagement and retention
  • Increase the business revenue and Return On Investment (ROI)



Increasing Store Engagement Through Automation


Communicating At Scale With A Personalised Message

Growth Facts


Total Views GMB

Total Views in Google My Business (GMB) refers to the cumulative count of how many times a business's listing has been viewed by users on Google Search and Maps.


Click to calls GMB

Enables users to directly call a business by clicking its phone number on Google Search or Maps.


Physical Store Visits

Count of customers visiting brick-and-mortar locations to measure foot traffic and marketing impact.


First Party Leads

First-party leads are potential customers or prospects who directly interacted with and provided their information to a business, without any involvement of third-party intermediaries.


Call Leads

Call leads refer to potential customers or prospects who have expressed interest in a product or service by making inquiries or providing their contact information during a phone call.

What Sekel Tech Has Done

Cut & style salon's targeted and hyper-personalised engagement campaigns have effectively engaged and retained its customers with Sekel Tech's Retention Operating System. The automation of workflows has allowed us to achieve an ROI of 40% in marketing as well as save time and money. As a result, Sekel Tech provided 76.50% of first-party leads and 76.80% of call leads to them. Their growth has exponentially increased with the management of 69 salons with 90471 call leads in 8 months (Pan India).

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Services integrated

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Call leads, cookies, Pixel ID Reduces Customer Acquisition and Retargeting Cost

A Unified Platform for Full Hyperlocal Automation

Interested Brand Visibility & Standardization Across all Platforms

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Omnichannel Engagement and Presence for Increased Commerce

Automated Seo Helps in Higher Ranking on Search Results

Case Studies > Cut & Style

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